Oklahoma Veterans Memorial
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Steve: "A friend of mine who was a very talented artist drew a copy of a photo he had of eight US Marines carrying a casket in Arlington National Cemetery. He asked me to wrote a poem about his drawing. I actually wrote 3 poems."
EIGHT CARRY THE ONE: Is the view of the Marines carrying the casket
THE PASSING: Is from the perspective of ME watching the Marines carrying the casket
DELIVER ME: Is from the view inside the casket


We are eight
Who carry one
The one’s whose duty
Is now done

We carry you
Upon our shoulder
Because of you
We get to grow older

This cargo of ours
This hero inside
We carry with honor
We carry with pride

As we lay to rest
One of our best
We honor those
For this life they choose

Its time to sleep
So close your eyes
Soar with angels
Above blue skies

Now at peace
But not alone
Not going away
Just going home

Author: ©Steve O'Brien

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