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I Am Grateful For This Military Man Of Mine

I Am Grateful For This Military Man Of Mine

© Yalanda Antionette Jackson


I Am Grateful For This Military Man Of Mine

He wakes up early to do PT.
He comes home late and manages to be with his family.
He goes to the field for weeks at a time.
Just to make sure that the equipment is fine.
Travels all around the world to his next duty station.
And in some cases only to leave his family for a while.
His uniform is camouflaged, but the enemy he can't dodge.
The foods he eats are not as good as mine.
He is just glad that he has a home to come to.
He sometimes misses a birthday or two.
Of his children and mine.
But he loves to hear that I am his only Valentine.
He gets lonely on our anniversary.
And glad to find that the card I sent arrived on time.
These are some of the things the military goes through.
Now far far away on the other side of the world.
To defend our country are our boys and our girls.
Not once but twice I was left behind.
But there is one thing I know.

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