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My Lonely Christmas

My Lonely Christmas

© Bradley Peraino


My Lonely Christmas

As I lay down to sleep, this eve of Christmas morn,' I slide between the cotton sheets so comfortable and warm.
A tinge of guilt comes over me followed by a saddened tear. I say another lonely prayer that only God can hear.
I turn the bed side light off and quickly settle in, but it will be a few more hours before my night comes to an end.
I lie here all but motionless, eyes wider than the sky. I try to think of happy thoughts, but I still break down and cry.
I punch my flattened pillow and lie flat on my back. I'm thinking of my soldier who's bravely serving in Iraq.
I finally stop my crying and a calm sets in my heart. For, I know this year will quickly pass, then we'll no longer be apart.
My eyes are feeling heavy now, so I send God one last prayer. "God, please protect my soldier while fighting over there!"

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