Oklahoma Veterans Memorial
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Marines Life

Marines Life

Written by Stanley Pearson


Were born on an island far far away
we wear green cammies every single day
we put ourselves through hell and then ask for more
to bear the symbol of united states marine corps

we fight in far off lands with desserts and more
we fight for pride and freedom and for our corps
we donít ask for great pay or a half decent meals
there is no way a poem can describe how we feel

when we get back there will be tears in both of our eyes
yours are for happiness mine are for my friends that died
unless you make the sacrifice and do what weíve done
youíll never get the feeling that your freedom was ever won

freedoms not free although it may seem
thousands have died yet you havenít heard a scream
when the wars over and peace is restored
you will go on with your life but thousands never more

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