Oklahoma Veterans Memorial
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My Message

© Phillip A. Englishbee


"America these soldiers, everyone of them young and old,
               Made a choice to serve their country,
                       Never forced never told".
       "They're strong America, the bravest in the land".
                  "And if you'll allow me the time,
                           I'll tell you my plan".

         "It's simple America, freedom must withstand".
         "I believe it should encompass the entire globe,
      Not just one nation or other selected pieces of land".

                  "They are called to duty America,
                      To fight for a worthy cause".
                        "To rid the world of evil,
                        "Forgetting not the cost".

                     "I stand with them America,
                    As they tread on foreign land".
          "I give them strength to complete their task,
                So they may return home once again".

                      "The lives of many America,
                       Will be lost you understand".
                       "But those who don't return,
                           Serve my greater plan".

             "The lives of those whose blood is shed,
                     Were selected some time ago".
                  "For I require special angels here,
                      Whose wings are solid gold".

                "They soar above and stand beside,
                     Every soldier day and night".
     " Yes America, they are your warriors guiding light".

                           "God bless America,
                           Yes I do it every day".
                      "Because there is a purpose,
                               And this I say".

                       "The price of freedom,
                          I know all too well".
             "For I have stood by many a soldier,
                   As they walked through Hell".

                          "Fear not America,
                              For I am near".
                      "I will never turn my back,
                      On a nation I love so dear".

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