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To Sergeant, Terry Peterson, USMC
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To Sergeant, Terry Peterson, USMC

Written & © by Richard Luchsinger


To Sergeant, Terry Peterson, USMC

Terry is his name,
Terry was a friend,
Terry was Marine
Right to the end.

His war was with the enemy,
His war was also, within himself,
Now that he’s gone, we’ll never know
Just what it was, he felt.

It was with horror
It was also with fear,
That this man fought
For everything he was taught.

No home recognition
Common for the time,
Living with the fear, and
Dreading the end of his time.

His war, my war, your war
Just what did it accomplish?
Has anyone figured it out?
The answer for sure is no without - a doubt.

Some came home,
Some did not,
In Terry’s’ case
Again, we have some doubt.
Now that his war has ended
He lays in rest at last,
Peace be with him, for
Now his war - is in his past.

Terry the Marine
Was always a Marine
Will through eternity
Stay, and be a Marine.

For once a Marine, Always a Marine!

Good Night Terry - Sleep in Peace

Terry L. Peterson died at age 61 at his residence on March 19, 2010, Two Rivers, Wisconsin.

After High School Terry enlisted in the USMC and was deployed to Vietnam in December of 1967

Terry was wounded three times while fighting door to door combat in Hue City during the 1968 TET Offensive

Not being able to put the war in his past, Terry was in a constant battle day in and day out and at the end he took his own life, his war has now come to its end.

This is a poem I wrote to honor Terry, there is a saying that goes like this, A Warrior must be Honored or Or His Soul will find no Rest.” ...Here is my persoal tribute to a true warrier that through his own choice will no loner have to suffer the after effects of war. I, we, honor Terry L. Patterson, a True Warrior, a friend, and a True Marine right to the end.

Terry, Thanks for your service, and thanks for being a friend.

Richard F. Luchsinger - USN Retired

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