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I Don't Want To Be A Sailor

Not What I planned

Written by: Samantha Reese
June 27, 2005


Not What I Planned

My life isn't turning out the way I had always planned. I hadn't planned on
falling in love with a guy in the military. I had planned on falling in love
with a hometown guy who was just an average person that I would wake up to
every morning, but instead I have fallin' in love with a navy boy who lives
on a ship on the coast line somewhere. I don't wake up to him every morning,
I just wait for the next phone call to come through, for the next letter or
email to arrive, and then I just wait. I wait for the day he will come home
to me. I wait to be in his arms again. Its been so long since I've felt his
touch I'm not sure how it feels anymore. I never planned on having to wait
and wonder when I would get that next kiss or hear the next "I love you
baby!" I had planned on getting that kiss and hearing "I love you baby!"
every night. I have learned to cherish everyday we spend together as it was
our last and I cherish every sweet kiss we share more than most do. I've
learned to make everyday count cause you never know when it could be your
last. I make every phone call the best it can be and hold to everything he
say's so i can get through until the next phone call. When you live in the
military world you never know what to expect you just live day by day. When
your a sailors girl your world turns into a navy world. You don't plan on
anything cause things can change in a blink of an eye. You just go with what
your sailor say's. The weird thing is that, all those years i spent planning
how I wanted my life to be, but my life is nothing like I had planned and I
wouldn't change a thing. I love my sailor and will continue to wait for him
to come home.

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