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The Sacrifice

The Sacrifice

© by: Ryan J Lavelle


i hope this song starts a kraze
the kind of one that puts angels in airwaves
the kind of one that makes you feel stuck in a maze of life
one that has answers all around you but the questions are make belief

were condensating but not falling apart
it's time to go, when do we start ?
is this the way it goes when were to lazy to see
that theres people out there giving there life for me

and just when is it my fault that im this young
that i can't be the one out there protecting everyone
it's not my fault but it's my mistakes
that put people in this place

is this when we get done
but why am i the only one ?
is this when we go home
but why am i all alone ?

is this the part when we are together or apart
or is this when we didn't know eachother at all ?
if you paid attention theres alot of questions in this song
why did you stand alone all along

the whole time wondering what it'd be like to all alone
but knowing ina strange sense that you knew
that we were coming and that this life will wage war
because freedom is not free

there is always a sacrifice a sacrifice most would not give
but the soldiers there out today
not knowing if this will be there last turning the corner
turning the corner with nothing left to see

thinking of home thinking of you and me
and how much he misses us and mom
but it's time to get over the fact that he might not come home
and from this day forward he might be gone

forever i'll be so insecure so paranoid
always looking over my shoulder thinkign someones ther when there not
thinking that im gonna be the who rots

but konwing everything will be fine again
as soon as he comes home and makes this end
the sacrifice of life the one of a soldier
who through the blood sweat and the tears made it out alive

pulled it through till the end and is now home
but for some reason it's dark again
ther is no l ight because he's been called back again
the reason is to fight

so he packs up says his goodbyes tells me he loves me
and that it'll be fine but it won't
i don't know if you'll come back again
and we started at the top
but were at the bottom again
this will be the end

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