Oklahoma Veterans Memorial
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Soldier Angel

Soldier Angel

© Sarina Peterson


Soldier Angel

As I lay in bed tonight;
I grip two hands together tight.
I pray for another tomorrow;
That I hope will bring no sorrow.
But yet again, I will see;
Another Soldier missing on T.V.

I pray for you. I pray for all.
I will keep standing firm and tall.
I have faith and hope in you;
For what I believe is true.
That you fight for our country every day;
To keep the enemy far away.

I thank you for what you’ve done for me;
My family and friends, do you see?
You are my “Soldier Angel”;
And for other people as well.
I have never met you. I don’t know your name;
But I still feel the same.

I may only be a very young girl;
But I know what I believe.
If you ask; I will say,
my “Soldier Angel” protects me every day.

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