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It’s Important to Show and Tell

It’s Important to Show and Tell

© Raelyn Peterson


It’s Important to Show and Tell

The 4th of July is important !
My teachers have taught me well.
It’s our Independence from Britain.
The land of a Queen…. doo tell.
But proud, Our Lady Liberty Stands.
As our biggest, Show and Tell.

I understand that laws were made,
And the taxes must be paid.
I know we “wave a Flag for Freedom”.
Because Soldiers lives were laid.

I can go to school and learn,
And someday be in charge.
I can run and jump and play,
Living life, BIG and LARGE.

Other Girls, in other lands,
May not know the joys, I do.
But as a Carefree American Girl,
I am happy I can “choose”.

Being Free to “choose”…
Means I should give Thanks each day….
For all the soldiers of olden years….
And for the ones today.

The next time you see a soldier.
Pat them on the back and tell….
Tell them that you “love the Freedom”.
Show them that you care.
Tell them that your life is GREAT.
For the courage they have shown out there…

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