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A Soldier Remembers

A Soldier Remembers

© Audrey Brewer


"A Soldier Remembers"

I look around me, all I can see is sand.

My mouth is dry, my mind is numb; I hear a scream---  "OH, GOD!!"
as I turn my head I see; my brother, my friend, we have been side by side since bootcamp.
I try to move, but the pain tries to keep me down. As I reach him, he says; "don't leave, I'm s c a r e d." Then,in my mind I think of: others who have come to pass, those who protest what we do, and say "Why? WHY? Should he die for YOU?" He is young and full of pride. He volunteered to fight; and now is scared and cries. You watch T.V. and curse us. You make remarks about what we do.
Yet, how the HELL do you know what we go through. His Mom and Dad I'll soon face; to give them a necklace he wore til he died. Can I look into their face? He is gone, but you are still here. The pride he had, you'll never have near. You may look down on me, but love for some; I have no more. Yet, I still fight for. Remember this: The Few -- that fight for YOUR freedom,
The Proud -- proud enough to give their life for YOU,
The Marines
-- that are Always Faithful.

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