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First Regiment of US Volunteer Cavalry - Muster In
 First Regiment of United States
Volunteer cross sabers Cavalry
D Troop


Spanish-American War
Campaign Medal

  Spanish-American War
Service Medal

With the outbreak of the Spanish-American War, Oklahoma was given one troop of cavalry.  Enough answered the call that a full regiment could have been manned, but only 80 were mustered in initially.  They went on to become Troop D of the First Regiment of United States Volunteer Cavalry, later known as Roosevelt’s Rough Riders.  The initial muster list is as follows:

Amrine William D. private
Bailey William   private
Beal Fred M. private
Beard Lyman F. private
Brandon Perry H. private
Brown James T. private
Burgess George   private
Byrne Peter F. private
*Cashion Roy V. private.
Cease Forrest L. private
Chase Leslie C. private
Cook Walter M. private
Crawford William S. private
Crosley Henry S. private
Cross William E. private
David Icem J. private
Denham Alexander H. private
Douthett Mather   private
Emery Elzie E. private
Faulk William A. private
Folk Theodore   private
Freeman Elisha L. private
Hill Ira A. sergeant
Hill Edwin M. private
Holmes Thomas M. private
Honeycutt James V. private
Hulme Robert A. private
Hunter Calvin   corporal
Hunter Paul W. private
Huston Robert B. captain
Ishler Shelbe F. private
Johnston Edward W. private
Jordan Andrew M. private
Joyce Walter   private
Loughmiller Edgar F. private
Love Henry K. private
Lusk Henry   private
Luther Arthur A. private
McClure David V. corporal
McGinnis Schuyler A. first lieutenant
McGinty William   private
McMillen Robert L. private
Mengher Robert L. private
Miller Volney D. private
Miller Roscoe V. private
Mitchell William H. private
Moran Thomas   farrier
Muxlow Lorrin D. private
Newcomb Marcellus L. private
Norris George   corporal
Norris Warren   private
Page John F. private
Palmer Orlando G. first sergeant
Palmer William F. private
Pollock William   private
Proctor Joseph H. private
Randolph Joseph A. sergeant
Reay Scott   private
Rhoades John D corporal
Russell Albert P. privte
Sands George H. sergeant
Schweizer Jacob   second lieutenant
Scott Cliff D. private
Shanafelt Dick   private
Shipp Edward W. private
Shockey James M. private
Smith Fred   private
Staley Francis M. private
Stewart Clyde H. private
Stewart Clare H. private
Tauer William L. private
Thomas Albert M. private
Vanderslice James E. private
Webb Gerand A. sergeant
Weitzel John F. private
Wetmore Starr M trumpiter
Wilson Frank M. private
Woodward John A. private
Wright William O. private

*1st Oklahoman Killed

Information submitted by Donna Dreyer

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