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MAP of the county at its birth, 1843
MAP of the county today, with cities, rivers, and Barlow Road route
MAP of Oregon Traditional Indian Tribes and Bands
MAP of the Oregon Trail, posts, forts, and missions in the Northwest
MAP of changes in county borders 1843 to 1941
More selections on MAP PAGE



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Links and Expanded Bibliography about Native Americans of the Willamette Valley



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LIBRARIES and Societies of Clackamas County



The Oregon Trail maps, illustrations, and loads of information
Oregon Trail Time Frame a year by year description of travelers and events along the Trail to Oregon, 1792-1843; lists primary sources (such as journals) for each year
Oregon Territory and Pioneers, biographies, events, topics, more; a premier Oregon Trail site.

Oregon History by Stephen Dow Beckham, Professor of History at Lewis and Clark College
Clackamas County History from the Oregon State Archives website; very brief
The Lewis and Clark Expedition from PBS
Oregon-California Trails Association, Northwest visitors will find many links for information on anything related to the Oregon Trail; new members are welcome to join in newsgroups and activities

Map--Traditional Native American Land Areas of the Northwest

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