Clackamas County Genealogy

Early Census, Rosters, and Pioneers
Quite a few people from "the States" and elsewhere settled in the Oregon country before the first US census in Oregon (1850). People associated with the fur trapping trade, adventurers, and missionaries were among the earliest settlers. Those who have ancestors on the earliest wagon trains from Missouri will find many unusual records and interesting tales.

Census of 1850 and Later

The first US census taken in Oregon includes the names of all members of a household and the place of birth, a valuable record for family research. Only a couple of the US censuses for Clackamas County are online (so far) but the records are available in libraries nationwide.

Volunteers have transcribed the names in most Clackamas cemeteries and many of these are posted online.

Military Records
Includes rosters and veteran records of the Oregon Rangers, the Oregon Provisional Government militia, the Cayuse War, and the Yakima War as well as those in United States records

Land Claims
Briefly explains the various rules for staking claims and describes printed sources in the State archives, county courthouse, and libraries

Probate, Naturalization, Marriage, and More
These other records may contain valuable information not found in the above sources and rarely online. This page contains lists of printed records, where to find them, the dates they cover, and the type of information recorded.

Native Americans, French Canadians, and Intermarriage
The earliest settlers in Oregon, before the great migration on the Oregon Trail, are featured in particular online and printed sources. Their history is slightly different from the mainstream and especially interesting.

Ethnic Links in Oregon Genealogy and History
The age of exploration and fur trade made the Pacific Northwest an international crossroads. The number of minority people in Clackamas was small during the pioneer era but the variety was astounding. The history of diverse emigrants in Oregon is a fascinating story.

Finding Clackamas County Records
Helpful information for viewing and getting copies of county records with links to online sources, other Clackamas web sites, surname search engines, libraries, Soundex machine, and more

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