Ethnic Links in Oregon Genealogy and History

Meeting of Frontiers emphasizes the Russians in America; part of the Library of Congress collection on international exploration and colonies in the Pacific Northwest.

Early Coastal Exploration: of the Northwest is about Russian, Spanish, Portugese, French, Chinese, American and British voyages.

Spain in North America, the Pacific Northwest: dominant in early exploration and trade, Spain abandoned its outpost at Nootka Sound (Vancouver Island). But its presence in Spanish California, in western lands south of the 42nd parallel, and in the fur trade continued to touch Oregon history.

Hudson's Bay Company Archives present histories of British/French/Canadian efforts in Oregon. Employee rosters include the European immigrants, Hawaiians, and others who worked in the fur trade.


From Ulukau: the Hawaiian Electronic Library :"The Hawaiian race live like wanderers on the earth and dwell in all lands surrounded by the sea," spoken before the Hawaiian court, 1869, , from "The Ruling Chiefs", pg 404.

Hawaiian Historical Society

Hawai’i State Archives


A Peculiar Paradise by Elizabeth McLagan; "A History of Blacks in Oregon, 1788 - 1940"

Black Oregon Pioneers This link and the next two from the End of the Oregon Trail museum

African Americans' Oregon Timeline

George Washington Bush, leader of the first African American wagon train to Oregon, 1844

Names Associated with the Fur Trade "Beyond the Pale: African-Americans in the Fur Trade West" by William W. Gwaltney

Afrigeneas: a selection of links to African-American History and Genealogy Sites


Early Chinese Culture in Oregon

Northwest China Council, based in Portland, promotes trade, cross-cultural ties, and education in language.

Chinese House Railroad Museum Chinese in Oregon; 1883 laborers' bunkhouse

Wing Luke Asian Museum Seattle museum with exhibits on Chinese emigrants to the Pacific Northwest.

Portland's Chinatown : part of the National Register of Historic Places; Chinatown dates to 1880



National Japanese American Historical Society

Japanese Americans in Portland

Japanese and Japanese American Genealogy



Korean American Digital Archive


Discover Your Ancestors

The Golden Mountain: Asian-Americans in the West


American French Genealogy Society


Tierra Nuestra: the Chicano West

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