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Janine M. Bork

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A special thanks to Marjorie Rundall Campbell for allowing these books to
be transcribed. Please send her a big thanks for lending the books.

Please Note:

The index incorporates both Volume I and Volume II so please look carefully at it. It will tell you which volume the names are located. Transcribing the second volume took over half a year so if the information is located in Volume I, it will eventually be placed in the site.

I have also placed the biographies separately, as well as within the books. For anyone who is related, I would love to put their e-mails on the
separate biographies section so that families can connect. I am currently fixing the errors in book 1.

History Of The Pacific Northwest
Oregon and Washington
Original Copyright 1889
Compiled and Published by the
North Pacific History Company
of Portland, Oregon

Copyright 1999-2003
Janine M. Bork

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Volume II

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