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Janine M. Bork

Articles, Pictures and Ads from:
1976 Bicentenial Edition of the
Observer, LaGrande, Oregon
Thursday, March 18, 1976
These articles were donated by Jim Reavis
Please send him a big thanks for donating this priceless paper.

A big thanks also to The Observer for giving permission to put this up!

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Northeastern Oregon History Told

Chief Joseph's Words echo brotherhood call

Chinese Tong War left Billy Eng dead

Nez Perce legend relates story of a pampered boy

Bill Moore - Elgin resident ran Pondosa Pine firm

Nels Rasmussen - Village Blacksmith

Oliver Barlow had many talents

Gilbert Conner a great grandson of Chief Joseph

Stella Mayfield was an outstanding Elgin teacher

Blue Mountain Tragedies

If anyone has stories about these pictures or can identify people ,  please contact me. I'd like to put them under the pictures. - Janine

City Stables - J. Orlin Anson

City Stables Fire 1917

Deal home in Deal Canyon

Eastern Oregon Normal School - 1929

Foley Building

Foley Hotel

Harris Building - Circa 1910

6th Street - La Grande

La Grande Law Officers - early 1900's

Joseph Concert Band - Late 1800's

La Grande Coronet Band - 1892

Old Grande Ronde Hospital

Sacajawea Building - 1920's

Telephone Operator

Unknown Officers
(Does anyone have an idea about this photo?)

Railroad Yards and Engines

E.O.R. Steam Engine

Steam Engine across Eastern Oregon

O.R. & N. Caboose - Geo. Hough and Tom Strand

La Grande Railyard Steam Engine Days

La Grande Railyard

Unknown Railroad Worker

Business Ads
If anyone has any objections to their picture being on the page,  please contact me and I'll take it off.
Some of these ads are really fun. Any stories about the businesses would also be most welcomed.-  Janine

Accutax - Don Tuttle

Claudson's Sewing Chic

Coffey's Funeral Chapel

Grizzly Bear Pizza

Hildebrant's Music Center

Hyde's Foodland - Island City

Leighton's Auto Parts

River Products - Barry Crowell

U.S. Bank - La Grande

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