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William N. BANTON

WILLIAM N. BANTON.-It becomes our pleasant duty in the course of the compilation of the chronicles of Union county, to give in brief review the salient points in the career of the esteemed and enterprising stockman and agriculturist, whose name initiates this paragraph, and especially so since he is a product of the county and has achieved here the success with which he is abundantly attended, having been identified with the interests of the county from the early days and having labored assiduously since for the promotion of its welfare and the advancement of its interests.

To Edwin D. and Mary J. (Grubbe) Banton was born January 22, 1866, William N. the birthplace being about three miles north of where he lives at the present time. In 1860, the parents came hither from Missouri, settling on the old homestead mentioned above, and at once set to work to carve out a home for themselves and aid in the development of the resources of nature here. Until 1893, the father was one of the leading citizens of the county and then passed to the world beyond. The mother is still living on the old place of two hundred and forty acres, near the son's, which is nine miles south from Lagrande. Here our subject received his education and wrought on the farm with his parents until he was twenty-seven years of age, then inaugurated independent action. He has acquired a good tract of land which he has improved in first-class manner and raises stock. He is also interested with his mother in the ownership of two hundred and forty acres, where she lives, adjacent to his dwelling.

Mr. Banton married Miss Sarah, daughter of John and Martha (Duff) McCauley, of Grande Ronde valley, on December 23, 1889, and the fruit of this union is as follows: Marguerette Alta, Mary Antoinette, Henry Eugene, Maud Alfaretta and Ettie Martha. Fraternally, Mr. Banton is affiliated with the Modern Woodmen of America, at Lagrande. In political affairs he is active and interested, ever laboring for those men to administer the affairs of government who are above reproach and endowed with capabilities adequate to the duties imposed, while in educational matters he has ever been a promoter of good schools and sought for first-class teachers. The district of his home place has constantly placed him in the director's chair for twelve years, and his wisdom and enterprise in this capacity have been of untold benefit to the schools and for the education of the rising generation. Mr. Banton is a man of integrity and staunch principles, and has ever maintained a high dignity in his career, being dominated by excellent wisdom and upright principles, and he is to-day, one of the highly respected and most substantial of our citizens.

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