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Information on the books which will be out soon was sent by Mary Ann Burrows. My many thanks to her for keeping us updated. We are very lucky to have so many excellent local writers.

Rangeland Poems:

Sheehy's poems capture part of what life was like for the homesteaders and ranchers who lived and worked in northeast Oregon during the early part of this century.

The beginning of the 20th Century not only signals the end of the open range and the homestead era, but also provides Tom Sheehy with the subjects for his poetry, says TS Books, Sheehy's publisher. Whether it¹s the labor of breaking horses and trailing cattle, the loneliness of herding sheep, or the danger of running a pack string, the humor and wisdom in Tom's poems
give us a look back at the homesteaders and ranchers of Eastern Oregon as well as the events that shaped their lives.

Sheehy¹s own life was shaped in the Burnt River area of Baker County's Hereford and Durkee, but he didn¹t write his first poem until he was 75 years old and living in Wallowa. The event that triggered that poem involved his grandson Cody, who became lost in the mountains and then found his way home. I was thinking about Cody and what happened to him,² Sheehy says. And it came together into a poem.

The 38 poems that followed  "The Ballad of Cody Sheehy" deal with numerous aspects of ranching life.  Special subjects for Sheehy are the friends I used to ride with.² Maybe that's why the books final poem, "Let's Not Forget," is also his favorite, for it not only pays homage to good friends and old times, but also summarizes the way he now sees the world:

 But time runs out and trails must end
 And it¹s true we¹re getting old,
 But I wouldn¹t trade these memories
 For a saddle bag of gold.

 Rangeland Poems & Random Rhymes is available at regional bookstores,including the Bookloft in Enterprise. Visit, e-mail, or phone 541-426-3351.

 by Barbara Jean Prince, Beverly Anne Davidson, and Ruth Kelsay Berland

Angel from Paradise is the story of a man and his times.

The man was Jake Berland, who was born in the early years of the 20th century on his father¹s mile-high homestead in the northern reaches of Wallowa County, Oregon, a land that was home to some of the most rugged and isolated country, as well as some of the most self-reliant people, in the Pacific Northwest.

The times were the days of homestead cabins and one-room schools, of snow-clogged winters and wild-horse riders. Back then, in the last years of the homesteading era, a day¹s work might mean saddling up a horse but a trip to town could involve starting up a Model T. And through all the changes and the struggles, Jake Berland and his family and neighbors were building their homes and making their living in some of the wildest country in Oregon. So come along for the memories of those days with Angel From Paradise.

 Angel from Paradise is available at regional bookstores, including the Bookloft in Enterprise. Visit, e-mail, or phone 541-426-3351.

 A Project of the Wallowa History Center

A flowing river is how one American writer described time. Yet when memories and photographs fade, a community¹s past can become a watery blur in that river. That¹s why some folks in Wallowa decided to do something about saving the memories that are left. The result is a new book, Looking Back at Our Town: A Photographic Portrait of Wallowa, Oregon.

Containing 170 photographs, some more than 100 years old, Looking Back at Our Town is the first undertaking of the newly-formed Wallowa History Center, whose purpose is to preserve, protect, and publish photographs and writings that make up local and regional history. But Mark Highberger, the book's editor and publisher, emphasizes that the book has been a community project.

It started with Mary Ann Burrows, says Highberger, who operates Bear Creek Press in Wallowa. She had the idea to build an archive of historical photographs, and the Wallowa Public Library supported her with equipment and supplies. Then when people began donating photographs to copy, the high school's computer class converted them to digital files. After that, it
seemed the best way to share the collection was to publish it as a book.

That book now holds some of the community¹s memories, almost 90 pages of images that show the way things used to be

Looking Back at Our Town is available at regional bookstores, including the Bookloft in Enterprise. Visit, e-mail, or phone 541-426-3351.

Jo Bollman's Cemetery Booklet Series

Joe Bollman has 3 of her projected 5 booklets out on the cemeteres around the county. She does have
the first 3 done. They are awesome booklets and include family history and stories on some of the people.
They are very well done and I can't say enough about them.

1. Wallowa Area  - $9.50 + 1.50 S&H

2. Imnaha Area - $11.50 +  1.50 S&H

3. Paradise, Flora, Lost Prairie Area - $14.00 +1.50 S&H

Latest Booklist from the Bookloft
Updated April, 2001

Axtel, Horace & Aragon, Margo.  A Little Bit of Wisdom:  Conversations with a Nez Perce Elder. Wallowa County, Oregon is the ancestral home of Chief Joseph and the Wallowa Band of Nez Perce Indians.  $25  cloth, 11.95  paper.

Barklow, Irene.  School Days in Wallowa County.  Large, hard-cover history of 100 school houses with photographs, stories   and lots of family names.  $50.

 Barklow, Irene     Forgotten Grist and Flour Mills of Wallowa County. History of this industry which operated in the county between 1882 and 1960.  $15.00

Barstad, Fred.  Hiking Oregonís Eagle Cap Wilderness.  Hiking guide by a local author who hiked every mile.  $16.95.

Bartlett, Grace.  Wallowa, Land of Winding Waters.  A booklet of important geographic, natural and  historic facts about Wallowa County.  $4.50  paper.

Bartlett, Grace.  The Wallowa Country, 1867-1877.  A history, with photographs, of the first decade of white settlement.  $12.50  cloth.

Bartlett, Grace. From the Wallowas. A collection of essays about people and places around the county.  $16.00

Belew, Ellie, ed.  About Wallowa County.  Almanac of information about people and places.  $16.

Conley, Cort.  Snake River of Hells Canyon.  Includes history of early families.  $14.95.

Conley, Frank E., ed.  Hiking the High Wallowas.  Eighteen hikes in the Wallowa Mountains with points of interest noted and with good directions to trailheads. $12.

Evans, Steven Ross.  Voice of the Old Wolf.  Biography of Lucullus V. McWhorter, friend of Chief  Joseph and biographer of Yellow Wolf.  $19.95.

Gildermeister, Jerry and illustrated by Jerry Gildermeister and Don Gray. Around the Catís Back.  A story based on the diaries of two young girls whose parents homesteaded on ďThe Catís BackĒ area of Wallowa County.  $16.25.

Gulick, Bill.  Chief Joseph Country.  A large-format book with many illustrations.  $39.95.

Gulick, Bill.  Snake River Country.  A large-format, well illustrated book. $39.95.

Holloway, Winona Johnson.  Moving On.  The story of a Wallowa County family in the 1930s and 1940s.  $18.95.

Houle, Marcy.  The Prairie Keepers.  The story of wildlife research of hawks and its impact on local  ranchers.  Set in the late 1970s.  $14.

Howard, Helen.  The Saga of Chief Joseph.  $12.95.

Jordan, Grace.  Home Below Hells Canyon.  Ranching in the canyon in the early days.  $12.

Josephy, Alvin.  The Nez Perce and the Opening of the Pacific Northwest. The definitive study of  the Nez Perce.  Written by a local author.  (Revised, unabridged edition) $18.

McWhorter, Lucullus V.  Hear Me, My Chiefs!.  Nez Perce legend and history.  $19.95.

McWhorter, Lucullus V.    Yellow Wolf:  His Own Story.  Biography of one of the War Chiefs of the Nez Perce War of
        1877.  $16.95.

Pohs, Keith.  Wallowa Mountains:  A Natural History Guide.  The only guide specific to the Wallowas.  $19.95.

Pollock, Dean.  Joseph, Chief of the Nez Perce.  A young personís account of Chief Joseph, written and illustrated by a former resident of Wallowa County.  $7.95.

Prince, Barbara et al. Angel from Paradise: The Life & Times of a Wallowa County Cowboy. Biography of Jake Berland who worked on ranches in the early part of the 20th century.  12.95

Sheehy, Tom. Rangeland Poems and Random Rhymes.  Peoms capturing what life was like in northeast Oregon in the early 1900s. 12.95

Skovlin, Don M. and McDaniel, Donna.  Hank Vaughn, 1849-1893.  Biography of an old-west outlaw turned wheat farmer in Northeastern Oregon.  $16.95.

Stadius, Martin.  Dreamers: On the Trail of the Nez Perce. The author follows the Nee-Me-Poo route today and tells the story from the perspective of all involved in the historic event. $24.95

Stevenson, Elmo.  Nature Rambles in the Wallowas.  Excellent, short account of the geology and  geography of the Wallowa Mountains.  $4.95.

Tucker, Gerald J.  The Story of Hells Canyon.  An early history with photographs.  $$21.95.

Wallowa History Center. Looking Back at Our Town: A Photographic Portrait of Wallowa, Oregon.  Contains 170 photographs, some over 100 years old. 19.95

Yates, Diana.  Chief Joseph, Thunder Rolling Down From The Mountains.  A story of Chief Joseph  for the whole family.  $10.95.

I have no financial interest in the above. I've just ordered from them before and they give great service.