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Marion COVERDALE / Hattie BIRDSELL Marriage Certificate

Marion Coverdale / Hattie Birdsell

Court House in Enterprise.
Marriage Certificate
State of Oregon, County of Wallowa

This is to certify, that the undersigned, a Justice of the Peace by authority of a License bearing
date the 8th day of July A.D. 1895, and issued by the County Clerk of the County of Wallowa
did, on the 10th day of July A.D. 1895, at the house of A.H. Meek in the County and State
aforesaid, join in lawful wedlock Marion Coverdale of the County of Wallowa and the State
of Oregon, and Hattie Birdsell of the County of Wallowa and State of Oregon with their mutual
assent. Nathan Craven, Justice of the Peace. L.J. Rouse Clerk.

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