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Janine M. Bork

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This information was sent by Evelyn Hare and Charles Smutz. The information was taken from the Cemetery Office in LaGrande. I can't thank them enough for donating this database.

*** Please note that I did this database in Excell. After you click on the link, it may take your computer some time to convert the information in your browser. It may look like the computer isn't working. Give it some time to convert the data. - Janine

A Surnames

B Surnames

C Surnames

D Surnames

E Surnames

F Surnames

G Surnames

H Surnames

IJ Surnames

K Surnames

L Surnames

M Surnames

Mc Surnames

N Surnames

O Surnames

P Surnames

R Surnames

S Surnames

T Surnames

U Surnames
(Includes Unknown)

VW Surnames

XYZ Surnames