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Janine M. Bork

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This information was sent by Evelyn Hare and Charles Smutz. The information was taken from the Cemetery Office in LaGrande. I can't thank them enough for donating this database.

*** Please note that I did this database in Excell. After you click on the link, it may take your computer some time to convert the information in your browser. It may look like the computer isn't working. Give it some time to convert the data. - Janine

The number on the right side refers to the large database this came from.

Surnames A
Abbott - Amsden
Anderson - Ayers

Surnames B
Bach - Bartz
Basham - Beickel
Beickel - Black
Blackburn - Breakenridge
Breedlove - Bugg
Bull - Byron

Surnames C
Cade - Cauthorn
Chadwick - Clarke
Clausen - Conklin
Conner - Crader
Craig - Curtis

Surnames D
Dahl - DeLong
Demeray - Dymoke

Surnames E

Surnames F
Fallow - Fitzgerald
Fitzgerald - Furgason

Surnames G
G.A.R. - Gilman
Gilpin - Graves
Gray - Gustafson

Surnames H
Hackett - Hansell
Hansen - Harvas
Harvey - Hemes
Hemphill - Hewitt
Hiatt - Holman
Holmes - Hynek

Surnames I

Surnames J

Surnames K
Kaiser - Kinnison
Kinzel - Kunst

Surnames L
Laackman - Lillian
Lillie - Lyons

Surnames M
Maasdam - Meade
Meldrum - Miller
Millering - Mullins
Munn - Myrick

Surnames Mc
MacGreggor - McGreggor
McGuire - McWhirter

Surnames N

Surnames O

Surnames P
Packard - Pederson
Peebler - Playle
Pleger - Pyle

Surname Q

Surnames R
Rachau - Reynolds
Rhine - Roberts
Robertson - Root
Roper - Rynearson

Surnames S
Sadler - Scott
Scranton - Shupp
Shurtliff - Smeal
Smith - Smutz
Snider - Stange
Stansbury - Story
Stover - Synhorst

Surnames T
Taal - Thorne
Thornton - Tyson

Surnames U

Surnames V

Surnames W
Wade - Ware
Warner - Wetzel
Wheatley - Williams
Williamson - Wood
Woodie - Wylde

Surnames YZ