Union County, Oregon  

History and Genealogy Project

        These pages are dedicated to those who came before us.
Once written, their names will not be forgotten.
              In the words of Rick Steber, they are the heartwood from
 which our family tree grows. -

What's New

Union County Volunteers

These folks have volunteered to help in various areas of the county. Please send them a big thanks as they also do this for nothing but the love of genealogy and helping you find that elusive relative!



Sharon Cheney has a database of cemetery records up until 1976. She is willing to do lookups for people. She also has early marriage records and can look those up also. Sharon now has the 1893 and 1905 city directories for Union county. If you would like a hard copy she does NOT charge a research fee and only asks for 25 cents per sheet for copying plus postage money. If you do take advantage of this offer, I suggest you give her a BIG thank-you! There are not many people in this world who are that generous. She can be reached at Sharon Cheney. Please put Union county in the subject line as I suspect she volunteers for a lot more things.

1900 Union County Census Volunteer
Jamie Riemersma has access to a copy of the 1900 Union County Census and would be willing to do lookups for people, provided they know the township.

Cove Volunteer

If you have family from Cove, Marjorie Rundall Campbell is willing to help out. My special thanks to her. Don't forget to give her a big thank-you for her efforts.


Sue Wells will do lookups for the Elgin Cemetery. Please send her a big thanks for helping out on the site. All our volunteers are
much appreciated!

La Grande Volunteer

Randall has volunteered to do lookups from his 1922 and 1926 year books from La Grande. He also has an Oregon Geographic Names book he will look up for you. Please send him an e-mail at  Randall . Please remember to thank him!

Union County Biographies

Cove, Union County Births
by Holly Vonderohe

Union County Births

Books For Sale

The Mitre's Touch Gallery owned by David and Trish Yerges have  just put out a reproduction of the 1902 History of Union and Wallowa County book. They also have a great assortment of pictures and articles on local history.

Union County Historical Society
The UCHS has sent a current list of their publications. I thank them. It's so hard to find local books to buy when you live out of the county. Just take the above link to their page. There are also 2 people you can contact by e-mail if you should choose to buy their books. I have all of them and they are very good reference books and just good reading. - Janine

Regional Books of Interest - These are books from around Eastern Oregon and S.E. Washington. Please let me know if you know of any that have helped you. Since I gave up Wallowa County, I am including 2 very good sources for books on the county in this page. 


1889 History of Oregon and Washington - There are two volumes to this book. I have finished transcribing the second volume and am currently working on the first. They are both on-line. My thanks to Marjorie Campbell for allowing me to use her books. She's a jewel. If you use these, be sure and thank her.

Union County Businesses
Mitre's Touch Gallery


Union County Cemeteries

Cove Cemetery
This is a database I'm collecting on Cove. I used excell so it takes a few
minutes to convert in your browser.

Elgin Cemetery
Sue Wells will do lookups for the Elgin Cemetery. Please send her
a big thanks for helping out on the site. All our volunteers are
much appreciated!

Union County Cemeteries

Includes Ackles, Grandview, Hillcrest, Hillcrest East, Hillgard.

This database has almost 10,000 names in it and was donated by Evelyn Hare and
Charles Smutz. This is a wonderful resouce. My sincere thanks to them!

More Union County Cemeteries

These are files generously donated to the Union County site. I have split the
files so they download faster. The first three files contain actual names of
people in the cemeteries.

Cemeteries 1
Includes the following cemeteries:
Galloway Cemetery
Highland Cemetery - Also known as Cricket Flat Cemetery
Indian Creek Cemetery
Meacham Cemetery

Cemeteries 2
Mount Pleasant Cemetery - Also known as Scott Cemetery
Cemetery in "The Park"
Pine Grove Cemetery
Starkey Cemetery

Cemeteries 3
Wright Cemetery - Lower Cove Road
Wright Cemetery - Medical Springs
Isolated Graves
Big Creek Cemetery
Barham Bible

Union City Cemetery Records
Please take time to read this. It gives credit to those who worked hard to
preserve history.

Union County Cemeteries - Locations

This file is a list of the locations of cemeteries and was generously donated by Larry
Rader. If you ever go to Union county, copy this file off and take it along.
It's concise and to the point. My thanks!


Union County Genealogy

Donated Family Genealogy - These are various files donated by people around the county. My sincere thanks to them.

Pam Brown has sent in pictures that were kept by Mary Gassett Talent Chambers. A sincere thanks for her donation!

Holly Vonderohe's Family Genealogy.

Mona Pomraning's Family Genealogy. This includes the Burnap-Cole-Clark-Kuhn-Courtright and Ralls Families. Mona has put her family on-line. The people in all of these sites were geographically located in Union or Wallowa County, Oregon.

Schooler Family Information

Sharon Schooler Gallegos has donated her Father's 1942 induction papers. It has quite a few other La Grande names also. Also the Swikert family home in Palmer Junction. It's very much appreciated. The Vets aren't represented very well on the county pages. Sharon just sent in a V-mail from her Father. If you've never seen one, you should look at this one.

Throe Family account of their migration from Kansas to Summerville. Written by Trish Yerges. Permission was given by Dena Smith who is part of this family. My thanks to these 2 great Union Co., gals!

Union County History:
Union County Museum Society
331 South Main Street,
PO Box 190
Union OR 97883

By subscribing ($10.00/yr for individual) you can get their Museum newsletter and calendar. I am currently writing a letter to them to find out what their hours are.

Union County Link
This is a page of on-line search sites that I've found very useful for searching for that elusive ancestor!

Union County Marriages/Anniversaries

Memoirs and Diaries:

Martha Hudnall Childers Memoirs.   Donated by Gary Jaensch.

1923 Interview with Maud Cole. - Generously donated by Mona Pomraning.

Throe Family account of their migration from Kansas to Summerville. Written by Trish Yerges. Permission was given by Dena Smith who is part of this family.

Clara Lureen (Womack) Wood, Finstad history letter  donated by Gary Jaensch.


A Moment in Time.By Holly Vonderohe. If you have family from Douglas Co., MN, this will explain why they came to Union County.

Jasper Family Century Farm - Article by Trish and Dave Yerges. Proprietors of Mitre's Touch Gallery.

Land Patents, Homestead Certificates, Warrantees, etc. My thanks to Robin Church for starting this page!


Union County Links - This is a page of on-line search sites that people have found useful for finding family.

Union County Obituaries

Union County Surnames


Union County Queries - Looking for family? Put your query on-line so others can find you.


Union County stories

Union County Veterans

Joseph L. Schooler's Induction Papers - August 28, 1942 (Includes Other LaGrande People) - Donated by Sharon Schooler Gallegos

Ever seen a V-Mail? Sharon Schooler Gallegos sent one of her Father's, Joseph Schooler's,  from WWII.

1976 Bicentenial Edition of the Observer, LaGrande, Oregon. Donated by Jim Reavis


On-line Newspapers:
(Please send me your links and I'll put them on-line)

Wallowa County Chieftain:
Baker Beat
- Includes Links to the the Record Courier - Sent by Timothy A. Keneipp.

LaGrande Observer : Sent in by Tom Childers.

Tips For Researching Genealogy in Union County

Genealogy Research in La Grande
Robert C. Bull has graciously provided this excellent article on available genealogical resources in La Grande. If you are headed to La Grande this is a must have article to take with you.
Resources in the Oregon Historical Society, Portland
I asked Tom Childers to provide an article on where he gets his information and he graciously provided this excellent article. If you ever get to the Oregon Historical Society, take his article. He takes you through it step by step.

Union  County Pictures:


Cove Pictures donated by Holly Vonderohe. One is the Bible Class at the M.E. Church in 1914 and the other is of the Cove Hot Springs Swimming Pool.

Jason Gregg is sending pictures and stories of his family from Cove. We are just starting so keep checking back for what is new.

Peggy's Page. Peggy Lovelace Contreras has donated some really great pictures of her family and some really cool pictures of the ladies of Cove. There are also pictures from Grade School and High School in Cove. She has also donated some stories of the Cove area.

Pictures of Cove - sent by Rod Golay and his father. There are many, many school pictures in these files. In most of them, the people have been identified by Rod's Father.

Railroad being built through Cove. Sent by Jack Hillman.


Pictures from the Elgin Area. These are some really great photos of the Elgin area and the Hug family. Sent by Bill Hug. My many thanks to him. There are some really great pictures!

Eugene Hug Pictures - See if you can identify the people in these photo's.



New Pictures from Donald Watson Jr. Please take a look at them.If you can identify any of the people, it would be
much appreciated. There is also a picture of the Cantrell Family


Mike Pugh has donated school pictures from the area, circa 1920's. My sincere thanks!

Tom Kassinger has sent some pictures of the Imbler School from around 1911-1912. Again my thanks to him for providing these photos.


Ads from LaGrande. Provided by Randal Symons.

Elizabeth Schooler Watkins has donated pictures from LaGrande from the 1960's.


Businesses and History of Summerville: 1865 - 1906. Donated by Dave and Trish Yerges. Again my many thanks. These two have a love of county history which many of us should be thankful for.

Summerville photos and history. By Tom Kasinger.

Sandy Thompson  has sent in photo's from Summerville, Island City and the Cove Cherry Plant. Please thank her for her donations.

Union, Union Co.

Jack Hillman Pictures. These pictures are awesome. There is even the circus train which came to town!

Misc. Pictures

DeRoest Pictures. From the collection of Doug DeRoest. The DeRoests have sent some beautiful pictures that are a joy to look at. This will be an ongoing project by Doug and Jean.

William Burford's 800 lb. Pig.Sent to me by Marjorie Rundall Campbell.

Union County School Pictures:

Pictures of Cove - sent by Rod Golay and his father. There are many, many school pictures in these files. In most of them, the people have been identified by Rod's Father.

High Valley. - School Souvenirs from High Valley High School. Donated by Robin Church.

Union High School Graduation Announcement - 1937. Provided by Margaret Shinoki.



Along the Oregon Trail


1923 Interview with Maud Cole


Generously donated by Mona Pomraning


 Woodell Trek in 1862


Generously donated by Bruce Kennedy