Union County, Oregon Links

Goggle Search Engine

This is a very good search engine brought to my attention by Tom Childers. It can pick up surnames or
areas where you would like to search. My thanks to Tom for sending it in!


California Death Index

 California Birth Index

Both these databases brought to our attention by Tom Childers. They are
great sites and give you a lot more information than just the person's name.
A big thanks for sharing!


Sent by Daniel Carpenter

Ricks College
This is a searchable data base by Ricks College. Includes Union county. They are also
starting to transcribe for Wallowa county. My many thanks to them for a terrific job.

Online Census Finder Oregon
Over 100 links to free census online along with many other Oregon genealogy
resources. Brenda Hay Webmaster

Umatilla County Cemeteries

This site has a lot of searchable cemeteries on-line.

Oregon State Archives

Has a searchable database. Does NOT include Union county but is a good
site forsearching for information from all counties except Union and Wallowa.

Union County Courthouse Records

This site gives you information on Union county. It also has a link to the records in
Union county. If you are planning a trip to Union, I would look at this site first to see
where the information is located. Is also a good site for finding out what
records are stored at the courthouse.



The Obituary Links Page

Thousands of links to online obituaries, marriage, birth, death notices, and cemetery
inscriptions, arranged by state and county and Canadian province.

Obituary Archive Search Engine

Keyword search through over 290,000 obituaries online, plus links to many other
obituary search engines to assist in finding surnames.

Both these sites provided by Bill Cribbs

These are a few terrific searchable on-line databases that Mona Pomraning brought to
my attention. A special thanks to her!

State of Illinois Databases.
This site includes a Statewide Marriage Index.

South Dakota Department of Health Data,
Statistics and Vital Records.

South Dakota Department of Health has put up this searchable database of birth
Records over 100-years old. Information can include: file date, sex, birth date,
city/county, mother's name, and father's name. Many thanks to the state of South
for putting up this valuable resource. Mona.

1895 Map of the United States

This map was brought to my attention by Tom Kasinger who deserves special credit
for thinking of the counties. It covers all of the united states. If you use it, please e-mail
Pam Rietsch who did this project. Her e-mail address is on the site.

Bureau of Land Management

This site has a searchable site for land patents for many of the eastern
states and now includes northeastern Oregon and Washington.

It is an active site and is continually being updated.

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

This is the on-line searchable Ancestry search that you only use to be able to
access from the local LDS Church.

Shirley Hornbeck's Tips on Diseases, Medical Terms, Epidemics

This site was brought to my attention by Tom Childers. It's a great site
for trying to figure out what those old diseases were in today's terminology.

Historical Collections For the National Digital Library.
Library of Congress.

This site was sent by Larry Rader. It is a searchable site where you can
read history books and papers on-line.