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Cove, Union Co., OR

Donated to the Union county site by Peggy Lovelace Contreras.
These pictures are priceless and I want to thank her for sharing with everyone!
Unless otherwise noted, these pictures belong to Peggy.

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1932 Letter From John Gilkison

Pioneer Days at Cove - 1898

Family Photos

Photos of the Ladies.
These are some absolutely delightful pictures of the gals.
Even a picture of a May day Queen!

Pictures from Grade School in Cove

Pictures from High School in Cove.

Cove School Ring - See if you can identify this young lady

Mt. Fannie Grange Photos

Members Houses

Members Houses Page 2

Members Houses Page 3

Members Houses Page 4

Economic Club Members Houses

Economic Club Members Page 2

Cove Churches and Schools

Cove Churches and Schools

Lydia Lantz

Thomas Jones Place