Union County Schools

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Roll of Honor
Union County Public Schools

New Teachers - March 1890

Teaching Certificates - November 1891


May 28, 1930

Play presented on January 4, 1946 - Cove

New Teachers

The teachers examination which was held last week at La Grande by superintendent Carter closed its work last Saturday. The following persons were awarded certificates: Mrs. Maud Brown, Mrs. Joan Woods, Mrs. Eunice Procter, Miss Lucy Wade, Miss Emma Wade, Miss Ida Brooks, Miss Rachel Brooks, Miss Maggie Vancil, Miss Sadie Aitken, Miss Annie Kelley, Miss Mabel Carter, Miss Cora Kennedy, Miss Estella Eckersley, Mr. D.H. Procter, Mr. E. Mitchell, Mr. N.T. Conklin and Mr. A.J. Turner.

Eastern Oregon Republican, Thursday
March 6, 1890

Received Certificates
List of the Successful Teachers at
The Recent Examination

At the examination held here last week certificates were granted to the following teachers: G.B. Leatherman; Rose E. White, Eva Leatherman, M.C. Carter, Rebecca E. Wilklow, Union. O.D. Carper, M. Alice Robinson, Bertha E. Slater, Eva Robinson, La Grande. J.B. Messick, Island City. J.M. Barr, M.H. Gilkinson, North Powder. Ada Canaday, Baker City. Mary J. Mackensie, Kamela. Nadie Holcomb, Newbridge, T.M. Johnson, Imbler. R.A. Wilkeson, Sumerville.

Eastern Oregon Republican
Thursday November 26, 1891

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One of the big boys went to school last Monday pretty well "heeled" for the new teacher, but Prof. Matthews took his six shooter away from him and flogged him. This district will soon have a daisy reputation, if the big boys persist in carrying knives, pistols, brass knuckles and sling shots to school, for "self defence" against any teacher the directors may employ. It will soon be impossible to employ a teacher for any less salary than that of a colonel in the regular army or a metropolitan chief of police.

Cove Ledger Thursday February 2, 1899

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Union Co. School News

The entire eighth grade class in the Cove school received their diplomas and had good grades at their final examination. The list is as follows: Charles FISHER, Lloyd MILLS, Conrad ANDERSON, Eleanor OGILVIE, Roberta BELL, Bernard DEBORDE, Gertrude BELL and Harold COMSTOCK.

The La Grande Evening Observer, May 28, 1930

Submitted by Holly Vonderohe

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Lindy Lou

When the senior class presented the play "Lindy Lou" Thursday night in the gym they had a full house and a very appreciative audience. The entire senior class, also three juniors took part. Leading characters were Aloha SIMMONS and Paul GORHAM, Elda Mae CHILDERS and Verna TOWLE. Also, James HILL and Kermit LLOID sang duets. Mrs. Anne JOHNSON directed the play.

Members of the senior class are Lorna HALLMARK, Melba LOREE, Aloha SIMMONS, Connie PUCKETT, Robert BLANK, Johnnie VANN, Ronne SANDS and Paul GORHAM.

Eastern Oregon Review, Cove Section, January 4, 1946

Submitted by Holly Vonderohe

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