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The following is a list of businesses that operated in Summerville, Union County, Oregon.   Summerville used to be a bustling and prosperous town where people as far as Walla Walla would come to shop.   The city was then on the stage coach route and brought many visiting consumers to the city.   The list below was formulated by Mr. Emery Oliver, a local historian whose ancestors were among the earliest settlers in Summerville.

William Patten - Post Office
Billy Glenn - Trading Post
Henry Rinehart - Meat Market
Hiram Oliver - Sawmill
James Rinehart - Flour Mill
Ruckman & Ruel - Flour Mill
Wade - Clothing Store
Wade - Creamery
Dr. J.C. Hawthorn
Dr. Rinehart
Dr. Dittebrant
Dr. Monk
Jacob End - Wood Shop selling chairs, tables and other furniture
S.O. Johnson - Blacksmith
Jasper Bennett - Blacksmith
Woodward - Livery Barn
Rodrick McKenzie - Livery Barn
Simon McKenzie - Drug Store
Daniel Sommer - General Merchandise
David McKenzie - General Merchandise
Claude Hale - General Merchandise
Jasper Choate - General Merchandise
Harry Sanderson - General Merchandise
John Murchison - General Merchandise
John Waggoner - General Merchandise
Halbert Rollins - General Merchandise
Neil Marten - General Merchandise
Ervin Pratt - General Merchandise
Ed Cook - General Merchandise
Oren McCurdy - General Merchandise
Jay Howard - General Merchandise
Jasper Choate - Gas & Oil
Francis Ott - Gas & Oil
Asahol Colt - Barber
John Schleppy - Barber
Lott Elmer - Barber
Barney Hubers - Tin Shop
Wealty - Harness Shop
Wm Hamilton - Harness Shop
Starns Bros. - Hardware
Needham - Shoe Repair (made gloves too)
Mrs. Wealty - Millinery
Mary & Ellen Sanderson - Millinery
McWilliams Store (Light Plant)
A.N. Hamilton - Hotel
Joseph Truespall - Hotel
Wm. Dinkler - Brewer
George Ott - Brewer
Wade Bros. - Machinery, wagons, buggies
James Rinehart - Bank
McKinnis Bros. - Planing Mill
Summerville Brass Band
A. Hacker - Hotel
Mr. Hudson - Hotel
Marvin - Hotel
Bresee - Hotel
Pat McDowell - Hotel
Mike Royes - Hotel
About 1900
Klees - Saw mill, Grain mill
Two Saloons
Wm Hamilton (had a business that moved to Elgin in 1980s)
John McRae - Hotel