Union County Obituaries

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Janine M. Bork

These are obituaries that I and others have donated. If they have no further information they are ones I have transcribed. If there is no link to the person who donated it means they have no further information on that person. Any of the obituaries I have extracted can be obtained from the University of Oregon through interlibrary loan. This address newspapers at the University of Oregon will tell you what papers they have on microfilm. A big thank-you to them for their assistance.

If you have any obituaries you can donate, please drop a line to Janine M. Bork.Your information can help others.

Just a note of explanation for the North Powder News. When I ordered it, it was as North Powder News. On most of the newspapers, it says Oregon Trail Weekly. So have listed most of the obituaries from this newspaper as both.

I would also like to thank Charlotte Carper for volunteering to transcribe many of the obituaries from the North Powder News. She's much appreciated!

Obituary List of Robert Bull

Robert was cleaning out his parents house and ran across a bunch of obituaries from Folks that his parents knew.
Please look at the following list. He has generously offered to copy and send them to those who are related.

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