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(also known as SCOTT CEMETERY).

On Palmer Junction road, 4.5 miles N. of its junction with Oregon Highway 82 at the Minam Hill summit; 110 yards W. of Palmer Junction road; church is on road, 80 yards N. of gate to cemetery lane. In N. E. 1/4 of Section 15, T .2 N., R. 40E. (Checked Fall 1972.)

Marked graves only, beginning in N. W. corner and taking each row from North to South. Stones or markers are numbered consecutively. Illegible temporary markers as placed by funeral directors are indicated by the abbreviation 'TM':

1. WHEELER, Milton; b 1836, d 1920
   WHEELER, Charlotte; wife of Milton Wheeler, b 1856, d 1934
2. SCOTT, Dora; daughter of Mr. and Mrs. D. Scott; b 26 April 1913, d 26 April 1913
3. SCOTT, Joseph, b 1846,, d 1932; "organizer and builder of the little Baptist church"
   adjacent to n.e. corner of cemetery
   SCOTT, Sarah E.; wife of Joseph; b 1850, d 1934
4. HEAD, Harrit L.; b 1833, d 1917
5. MURPHY, Susannah; b 1837, d 1924
6. SCOTT, Thomas Lee; b 8 June 1927, d 17 July 1927
7. SCOTT, Edward Evert; b 10 March 1906, d 14 March 1906
8. SCOTT, Ruth Marie; b 30 May 1935, d 3 June 1935
9. SCOTT, John B.; b 1871, d 1948
10. SCOTT, Ronald William; b 10 March 1947, d 29 March 1952
11. TM
12. BIRCHFIELD, William; b 1845, d 1923
13. TM
14. TM
15. TM
16. CARLTON, Willis E.; b 1871, d 1945
17. CARLTON, Oties C.; baby; died 23 May 1908 (probably b same day)

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(In S. E. 1/4 of Section 11, T. 6 S., R. 41 E.; 16.4 miles S. E. of Union on Oregon Highway 203; cemetery is in grove of pine trees 100 yards E. of highway, across field. Graves listed consecutively north to south, from beginning to end of each row. (Checked Summer 1973.) Unknown unmarked graves are not indicated below.

Row 1:
WISDOM, Frankie; son of J.T. and Clara Wisdom; d 20 Sept 1890; aged 4 years,
   8 months, and 26 days
SHELTON, Louis; dates unknown; unmarked fenced enclosure

Row 2:
LEEP, Edna J.; wife of C.B.; b 14 November 1874, d 16 May 1902
KOGER, Ida C.; wife of Benjamin; b 12 April 1868, d 21 December 1896
   (These are on two sides of the same stone)

BRIGGS, Albert V.; b 14 February 1878, d 4 March 1882
BRIGGS, Elijah; b 27 April 1882, d 9 October 1882
   (These are on two sides of the same stone)
BRIGGS, Hiram H.; b 3 April 1847, d 14 May 1890
VAN ORDER, John; b 15 February 1812, d 19 March 1894
VAN ORDER, Esther H. (Boyls); wife of John Van Order; b 28 Sept 1815, d 8 August 1878
VAN ORDER, Samuel; b 13 March 1836, d 20 September 1893
VAN ORDER, Eliza; b 8 August 1876, d 4 March 1877
VAN ORDER, Clara; b I June 1840, d 6 January 1918
   (The preceding three persons are all on one stone)

VAN ORDER, Samuel; b 14 October 1861, d 15 March 1915

Row 3:
VAN DE VANTER, Luciel; b 4 April 1908, d 6 May 1908
VAN DE VANTER, George; b 1882, d 1941
VAN DE VANTER, Joseph S.; b 1 February 1858; d 3 February 1898
VAN DE VANTER, Ellen (Boiles); b 1861, d 1920
CORPE, Dora F.; b 18850 d 1912
VAN DE VANTER, Nora J.; b 1891, d 1917
   (The preceding three names are all on one stone)

RUTLEDGE, Rebecca; dates unknown; unmarked fenced enclosure

RUTLEDGE, Carrie; daughter of Rebecca; dates unknown; unmarked fenced enclosure
SOUTH, Enoch; b 2 February 1832, d 30 November 1905 (b. Ohio according to
SOUTH, Sarah; wife of Enoch; b 7 March 1832, d 20 October 1901 (b Illinois,
   according to census)
(These two persons are both on same stone)

Row 4:
KENNEDY, Minnie T., b 1904, d 1907
KENNEDY, Hazel F., b 1901, d 1914
LOOSLIE, Geirson Alfred, b 24 August 1919, d 3 June 1922
WATTS, Roddie, child; dates unknown; unmarked grave
VAN ORDER, Arch; b 1865, d 1936 (also a partly legible temporary marker, West
    & Company, Baker; d 12 or 22 February, 1936; aged 71 years, 11 months, and
   21(?) days)
VAN ORDER, Gilbert L.; b 24 March 1908, d 4 September 1908(son of Arch Van Order)
VAN ORDER, Mary J.; wife of Arch Van Order; b 23 October 1869,d 29 April 1908
(The preceding two names are both on the same stone)

Row 5:
FISK, Lawrence; b 1914, d 1914
FISK, Alton; b 1907, d 1908 (The two preceding names are both on one stone)
FISK, Arminta M.; b 1878, d 1931
FISK, Lewis F.; b 1867, d 1946
MAYO, Laura E.; b 1909, d 1954
VAN DE VANTER, Ezra; b 25 January 1861, d 28 March 1909
K___ (King?); Infant child of Mr. and Mrs. H.L.; d January (Temporary marker, West
   & Company, Baker;largely illegible)

Other persons buried here whose grave locations are now unknown:

HOLBROOK, Gertrude, child; dates and exact gravesite unknown
SOUTH, Samuel; father of Enoch; b 1809 in New Jersey (date and birthplace from
   census) exact dates and gravesite unknown
SOUTH, Roxy; mother of Enoch; b 1809 in Pennsylvania (date and birthplace from
   census) exact dates and gravesite unknown

Additional names furnished by Lola Wiglesworth, Union

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(In W 1/2 of N.E. 1/4 of Section 12, T 1 N., R.40E.; .5 mile from nearest road, i.e., Pine Grove Church, 8 miles E. of Elgin on Oregon Highway 82) (Checked Fall 1972)

Marked graves only, beginning in N.W. corner and taking each row from North to South; temporary markers placed by funeral directors are indicated by abbreviation TM:

I. TAYLOR, Karl; son of Mr. and Mrs. John Taylor; dates illegible (TM)
2. TAYLOR, Baby; rest illegible (TM)
3. CLUFF, May; daughter of Heber M. Cluff-and Sarah Weech Cluff; born and
   died 21 May 1908
5. CLIFFORD, F.H.; rest illegible (TM)
6. TAYLOR, Blaser; rest illegible (TM)
7. WALCH, ; rest illegible (TM)
8. WALCH, Carl; b 8 July 1897, d 21 July 1910
   WALCH, Fay; b 1 July 1908, d 22 September 1909
(The two preceding names are both on one stone)
9. WALCH, ; rest illegible (TM)
10. STOWE, Carl Thomas; d 2 January 1934; aged 30 years, two months,17 days (TM)
11. STOWE, Harriet; d September 1943; aged 78 years, 5 months, days (TM)
12. STOWE, Hezekiah; d 26 October 1955; aged 94 year,-, 10 months, days (TM)
13. BOSWELL, Clement E.; d 1917 (marker with his initials; is fully recorded on
    no. 14)
14. BOSWELL, Hulda E.; b 1888, d 1922
15. LARSON, Baby; child of Mr. and Mrs. Jim Larson (TM)
16. LARSON, Baby; child of Mr. and Mrs. Jim Larson (TM)
17. BOSWELL, Hannah M.; wife of Abraham; b 21 February 1856,d 19 June 1925
18. BOSWELL, Abraham M.; b 1854, d 1915
19. HYDE, Jerusha Necha, b 1882, d 1930
20. RIGGS, ; rest illegible; baby (TM)
21. RIGGS, Joseph William; b 21 October 1919, d 16 November 1919
22. WELLS, Baby; daughter of Ernest and Lillian Wells; rest illegible (TM)
23. WELLS, Hannah; daughter of Ernest and Lillian Wells; rest illegible (TM);
   also lava boulder
24. DODGE, Maria J.; b 5 December 1831, d 1 April 1908
25. JONES, Jerome B.; b 26 October 1875, d 21 December 1913
26. FOLLETT, Fred; unmarked stone
27. FOLLETT, Warren K.; b 17 May 1873, d 30 July 1923
28. FOLLETT, Warren K.; b 15 September 1848, d 17 August 1907
29. WALCH, Frank; b 28 November 1902, d 14 June 1914
30. FOLLETT, Naomi Fay; born and died December 1927
    FOLLETT, Roland John, born and died August 1940 (d. August 17)
(The two preceding names are both on one stone)
(also TM giving death date of Roland John)
4. Temporary marker, illegible

Supplementary information furnished by George Follett, Pine Grove area

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(In E. 1/2 of Section 3, T.4S., R.35E.; on timbered knoll, on fence line, .25 mile E. of nearest road; on old French homestead, either of T.A. French or John French) (Information gathered 1972-3)

Marked graves as noted in 1958:

BRIGGS, Ruth P.; b 2 April 1905, d 12 August 1905
GERKIN (or GIRKEN), George H.; b 12 June 1870, d 21 September 1897
    (stone has been defaced- could be Griken, but spelling given above is from
   information furnished by member of Burnett family)

BURNETT, O.M.; "grandfather"; no dates (Obadiah M. Burnett, b. Virginia 18
   December 1823, d 10 October 1904)
BURNETT, B.L.; "father"; b 1861, d 1905
BURNETT, Helen M.; no dates given
BURNETT, Amy W.; no dates given
G___, G.W.; stone has initials only

Other persons buried here whose graves are no longer marked:

MOORE, James B.M.; b TN 4 March 1828, d 23 August 1915; buried 24 August;
    wife was Susan Milligan (or Mulligan);.married in IN, 1851;
   Susan died 1882, presumably in KS (from obituary)
FRENCH, Jimmie
GARIN, Johnnie
GESA, Mrs., and infant daughter
BURNETT, Martin; b Starkey 16 February 1887, d Starkey 21 Nov 1891
SULLIVAN, Andrew (may not be buried in cemetery, but is buried at Starkey)

Names of persons who were in the Starkey Prairie area prior to 1884; members of these families may have been buried in the vicinity:

MARLEY, Len; LOFTUS, Pat; McCOY; BURNETT, Billy; FRENCH, Theron A.; FRENCH, John; STARKEY, John (see list of isolated graves in Union County for
   description of John Starkey's grave).

Additional and supplementary information furnished by Mrs. Tom Able, Sr., Echo; Elsie Burnett Johnson, Portland; Jon Skovlin, La Grande; Doris 1. Graham, Aurora, Colorado

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(In N.E. 1/4 of S.W. 1/4 of Section 26, T.1N., R.39E.; in middle of field on hillside above house; has been farmed over by permission of families affected; site no longer visible). Stones for the two marked graves were moved to Elgin Cemetery ca. 1950. (Mary and Phoebe Weaver.) Persons known to be buried here:

WEAVER, Mary C.; d 11 September 1873; aged 17 years, 6 months 3 days
WEAVER, Phoebe C.; wife of Joel Weaver; d 6 September 1875; aged 39 years,
   7 months, 4 days
WEAVER, (infant)
KNIGHT, daughter of Robert R. and M.F. Knight; b 26 July 1871, d y 1873
KNIGHT, ; daughter of Robert R. and M.E. Knight; b 15 November 1873,
   d 28 April 1875

There are probably a few more persons buried here.

Information provided by Perry G. Witherspoon and Mrs. Flloyd Galloway

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