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Walla Walla has a truly fascinating history. At one time, the city was one of the biggest
 in the Columbia Basin area. The Hudson's Bay people settled early around the area, even before
the Whitman's came. When the mines opened in Idaho the area was alive with the hustle
and bustle of moving supplies and equipment. Supplies unloaded from Wallula
were packed through Walla Walla and up to the mines.

                     I'm hoping to bring some of this history back for you to ponder and enjoy.
                 History and Genealogy go hand in hand. Without the stories to bring the people alive,
            they are just names on a paper. With the stories they become alive once again. If you have stories,
                      letters you'd like to share please contact me and I'll put them on the site. - Nola Conway


1889 Pacific Northwest - Oregon and Washington

Local  Books of Interest
If you know if any great books  or would like your's listed here please send me the information and
I'll put it up. Local histories are hard to find. Also see the WWVGS link below.


Biographical Brevities
From Gilbert's 1882 Historic Sketches

Burbank Cemetery
A special thanks to Laura Schmidt for allowing this to be put on the page!

St. Rose Mission and Cemetery
Those buried elsewhere

50th Anniversary -Whitman Massacre


Links to On-line Walla Walla  Websites:
(If you have on-line links to Walla Walla you'd like to share, please send me a note)

U.S. GenWeb Project
Walla Walla County

U.S. GenWeb Census Project
1860 Walla Walla Census

Washington Cemetery Project
U.S. GenWeb Archives
Walla Walla Cemeteries on-line


Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation
This is the link to their on-line site and includes the Cayuse, and
Walla Walla tribes.


Pioneer Churches in Walla Walla County


Fort Walla Walla
This is a link to their on-line site.




Walla Walla Mailing Lists -
This link will take you to Rootsweb where they
have the Walla Walla list where you can connect with others researching the county.


Old Time Music

"Perfessor Bill Edwards Old Time Music.

Bill Edwards plays music like your grandparents used to play and listen to. It's a wonderful site.
It also has history of the music.



Photo's from around the county


Researching in Walla Walla


Veterans of Walla Walla County

Walla Walla Genealogy Society-
This page includes information donated by the WWVGS along
with books they've put out. Donations include Early settlers of Walla Walla.

Walla Walla Union Bulletin
On-line edition

Special thanks to Janine M. Bork for providing an invaluable service -

  sharing the history of Walla Walla County - a labor of love.

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