Walla Walla Valley
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If you have biographies you can donate please send them to me at Nola Conway
Your information can help others.

Note from Janine Bork:

Biographies without a person's name have been donated by me. A special thanks to
my cousin and his wife, Kirk Tomlinson and his wife Kristin. They lent me our grandparents,
1918 Lyman's books so I could copy off the bios to share with all of your.

I would also like to thank the Walla Walla Public Library. They were of great assistance for
the Gilbert's Brevities.

Biographies from the 1889 History books were lent to me by Marjore Rundall Campbell.
She has allowed me to borrow her books to be put on-line. Please send her a big thanks!

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Copyright 2001
Janine Strickland Bork

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