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Erin Thoeny
 Sat, 14 Jul 2001

If anyone needs information on the Baumeisters, (Edward, Max, or Bernie), please have them contact me.
I am a decendant and have their old photo album with many pictures that are not named.  They were
taken mainly in Walla Walla, and they look very well dressed. - Erin

Janine Bork

Looking for family for the wives of David B. McIntosh, son of Alexander McIntosh.
David was b. August 6, 1890 in Del Norte, Rio Grande, Colorado and d. June 8,1978 in Walla Walla.
The family shows up in Walla Walla at the turn of the century. He had 3 wives.
1.) Effie Kelly. Married October 6, 1917 in Walla Walla. She died July 29, 1924 in Walla Walla.
2.) Lorena Kammerzell. Married September 1923 in Walla Walla. She died June 10, 1924 in Walla Walla.
3.) Bertha A. McCulloch. Married June 9, 1928 in Walla Walla. She died February 1985 in Walla Walla.

Joan Achille
     Sun, 15 Jul 2001

Looking for Charles H. McAlister who went west over the Oregon Trail in 1862, with his wife Catherine, sons
Howard and Charles P. They had another son, Merrit W., who was born in Walla Walla in 1864.

I believe he homesteaded in the Selah Valley at that time. As I understand it, the Selah Valley was in
Walla Walla County until 1865. I recenty found cemetery inscriptions for the Selah Cemetery and
it stated that there was a cemetery on the McAlister homestead. The cemetery is no longer in
existence. Buried there is Mr. McAlister's wife and a child. This occured by 1869.

I have been trying, with no luck, to find land records for the McAlister Homestead, for proof that Mr.
McAlister was my Charles H. Charles H. and the children returned to Iowa by about 1869. Any
help greatly appreciated. - Joan

   Sun, 15 Jul 2001

Looking for family information on:

wife:  Catharine or Katie (Logan) McAlister
Howard N.             b. 1854    IA
Charles Paine          b. 1856    IA
Merritt Warner        b. 1864    WA
infant girl                  b. & d.    WA?

According to his bio, Charles & family left Iowa in April 1863 with over 100 wagons on the ADELLE
wagon train led by Jim MORRISON, and arrived in Baker City, October 1863.  He then spent
5 years in the freighting business at Walla Walla.  During that time son Warner was born 1864.  Then
his wife died as well as a little girl.  By October 1868 he is back in Iowa.

I'm looking for the death of gggGm McAlister and the infant girl, or the birth of Warner - as well
as something on where they lived or worked, or anything on Jim Morrison and the Adelle
Train.  Are there any resources about the early freighting business at Walla Walla, or about Baker City?

He may have been with sister and husband, Rev. Warner Edward ADAMS, and it may have been his
freighting business that

Thank you

Carylon Osborn Viuhkola
Mon, 16 Jul 2001

Searching for Samuel Parker Osborn, Obidiah Osborn, Robert Osborn and Charles Osborn who lived
in Walla Walla from 1870 through the early 1900's.

I have a homepage at:
Osborn/Viuhkola Family Genealogy  Site

Hazel E. Murray
        Tue, 12 Mar 2002

I am looking for information on the Beaston family.  They moved to Walla Walla in 1895.  In the 1900 census
they are farming in Hadley.  Family stories tell that the farm burned and they reestablished another farm in
the area. Thank you. Hazel


May 2003
My grandparents moved to Walla Walla sometime between 1890 and 1905. I'm interested in hearing from anyone who knows about the family.

Donald Peter McDonald - Mary Ann (Mullin)
 - Robert Lawrence  (b. 24 Jan 1909, Walla Walla)
 - Eugene
 - Joseph

They farmed somewhere just outside of Walla Walla until their farm burned down.  Thanks for your time. Patty (McDonald) Abrahamsen.




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