Wallowa History Center

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Wallowa History Center
  Preserving our Past for the Future
 PO Box 486 • Wallowa, Oregon 97885 • 541-886-9695 • mburrows@eoni.com

“Wallowa History Center works to save the memories, stories, and photographs  that help define the history and culture of the places we call home”

 We have the following books for sale:

Looking Back at Our Town—A photographic portrait of Wallowa, Or $19.95 shipping $2.50

Looking Back at Enterprise Oregon- Photos of Enterprise from its beginnings in the 1880s. $17.75 shipping $2.50

Looking Back at Wallowa Lake- the third in the series of historical photos. $17.95 shipping $2.50

I Remember-Kate Johnson’s Goebels memories of her life. How the pioneers lived while settling this remote valley.
      $9.95 shipping $2.50

My Days is Northeast Oregon-Arriving in the Wallowa Valley by wagon train in 1891 Henry Brown tells of his life on Prairie Creek. Especially interesting tale of Brown’s winter ride into the Snake River with George Winters. $7.95 shipping $2.50

With multiple purchases the postage will not go over $5.00.

Membership in the Wallowa History Center gives you a10% reduction on books and 2 photo copies of the photos at the History Center. Membership is $5.00 per individual .