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Please contact me if you would like your veteran listed on these pages. The least we can do is remember them.

Selective Draft Numbers

Union County's Roll of Honor

Letters Home

These are the numbers that the selective draft will be made from. While the County Boards will mail notification to those drawn, failure to receive such notice wil not be accepted as an excuse for not appearing for examination.

1283-Darl Denning.
1284-Carl Linville.
1285-Charles Grant Watkins
1286-Albert Franklin Bowman.
1287-Brooks Campbell.
1338-Homer Maxwell Carnes.
1339-William Henry Hastings.

North Powder

1260-Franklin Fremont McMurren.
1261-Robert Stanley Shaw.
1262-William Jackson O'Bryant.
1264-Roy Kingsley Graham.
1265-James Hartwell York.
1263-Nick Santomore.
1266-Thoron Spyker Maxwell
1267-Frank Oscar Harris.
1268-Stone Arthur Bowes.
1269-Albert Gorham Angell.
1270-William Earnest Watkins.
1271-Charley Edgar Harris.
1272-William Karl Sylvest.
1273-John Clarence Tally.
1274-Linwood Burt Russell.
1275-Perry Richard Duke.
1276-Melvin Gethard Olson.
1277-Oley Knute.
1278-Frank Nelson Cassell.
1279-Charles Ellis Hess.
1280-Chester Leo Oliver.
1281-Norman Russell Hogan.
1282-James Arthur Hansen.
1347-Harold Victor Gilkison.
1320-Sylvan Clifford Coo.
1321-Hardin Kenneth Perkins.
1322-Marion William Anthony.
1323-Royall Charles Gunn.
1324-Frank Nelson Young.
1325-James Henry Morris.
1326-Denel Ray Bogue.
1327-Grover Cleveland Mercer.
1328-Joe Iwas Fukuda.
1329-George Kosuke Ito.
1330-William Harrison Lovers.
1331-Jesse Clarence Mills.
1332-Oliver Maston Moore.
1333-Goldman Anthony.
1334-Shimekichi Fujishiro.
1335-Robert Nolan Titus.
1336-William Bert McCurry.
1337-Herman Fred White.
1288-Harvey Hue Grout.
1289-Floyd Brunt.
1290-Gale Gibbons.
1291-Albert Richard Hutchison.
1292-John Grout.
1293-William Albert Daugherty.
1294-Ormal David Scott.
1295-Leroy Ross Jones.
1296-Arthur Lee Gorham.
1297-John Lawrence Jones.
1298-William Frederick Nice.
1299-Robert William Tally.
1300-George Irvin Hess.
1301-John Brant, Jr.
1302-Earnest James Simonis.
1303-Arthur Yard Olson.
1304-Olaf Rodger Olson.
1305-Norval Gothfred Olson.
1306-Alfred Leslie Olson.
1307-Charles Fred Knautz.
1308-Tillman August Olson.
1309-John Arvid Dahlstrom.
1310-Earl Smith.
1311-Paul Flemming Dahlstrom.
1312-Per Gustav Person.
1313-Parley William Newman.
1314-James Lee Dalton.
1315-Wiliam David Dalton.
1316-George Edward MacDonald.
1317-Oeyvind Carvosso Lee.
1318-Harry Abram Lindley
1319-Edgar Wheeler Hollinger.
1341-Roy Otto Stotts.
1342-Henry Leroy Hess.
1343-Theodore F. Fisher.

La Grande M.F.D.

1344-Windom William Carnes.

North Powder

1345-Herbert Hoffman Atteberry.

North Powder E.F.D.

1346-James Earl O'Bryant

North Powder

1348-James William Titus
1349-Ivan Emery Pierce.

North Powder E.F.D.

1350-Harry Louis NIce.
1351-Albert Wilson Hastings.
1352-Samuel Ella Maharry.
1353-Edward Alvis Davis.
1354-James Albert Wilson.
1355-James Lee Miller.
1356-James Aaron Hardy.

North Powder

1357-Benjamin Harrison Hoover.

North Powder E.F.D.

1358-Earl Robert Sanders.

North Powder

1359-Earl Wesley McMurren.

Star Service, Hilgard

1360-John William Wells.

North Powder News, Saturday
July 14, 1917

These are your red ink registration numbers. Keep them.

North Powder

52-Perry J. Adams.


39-Loyd Blekford.
41-Leslie L. Haller.
42-Guy Virgil Church.
43-Hugh Clifton Hulse.
44-John N. Young.
45-Vitangelo Colonno.
46-Frank Hogg.
47-Lee Marion Hilyard.
48-Raffacle Conserva.
49-Cosmo Accetturo.
50-Ray Ward.
51-John B. Christenson.
53-Alva Cunningham.
54-Herald Garman Hale.
55-Leland James Hodgkins.
56-William J. Baruca.
57-Williams Earl Evans.
58-Olen Meade.
59-George Ackley.
60-Clyde J. Wilson
61-Charles Oliver Devore.
62-Albert Anderson.
63-John R. Snider.
64-Richard D. Hill.
65-Bruce A. Hendrick.
66-Alma Clarence Hess.
67-Morten Mortenson.
70-Albert R. Haller.
71-Vernon Bull.

North Powder News, Saturday
July 21, 1917.