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Berry Family Bible

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Wm. M. Berry & Sarah A. King was maried in the year of our lord 1848 Oct 5th

John T. Quin and Senora Ines Berry was married A.D. 1869 Sept 9th

Josiah A. Rudderow and Emma R.K. Berry was married March 8th A.D. 1877 LaVeta, Colo.

Joseph Edgar Collins and Gussie M Berry were married June 9th- 1891 A.D. Summerville, Ore-

James C. Berry and Blanche E. Cathey was maried January 26th 1879

John G. Berry and Hattie l. Stansell was married February 14th A.D. 1881

Wm H. Berry and Margerette Williams was married June 12. #89 Union Oreg

Arthur Leon Berry and Nelie Mabel Arnold was married Apri 19th A.D. 1900

Evert C. Berry and Daisy B. Johnson was married November the 29. 1894

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