Wallowa County Burials

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HAAS: Enterprise, Prairie Creek
HACK: Bartlett
HACKBART: Enterprise
HAFER: Eden Bench
HAGAN: Lostine
HAGERTY: Enterprise
HAGGERTY: Enterprise
HAHN: Enterprise
HAINES: Enterprise, Prairie Creek
HALE: Enterprise
HALL: Bartlett, Enterprise, Lostine, Prairie Creek
HALLGARTH: Enterprise
HALSEY: Enterprise, Prairie Creek
HAMBEL: Enterprise
HAMBELTON: Enterprise, Lostine, Prairie Creek
HAMBLEN: Enterprise
HAMBY: Prairie Creek
HAMILTON: Enterprise, Lostine, Prairie Creek
HAMLIN: Enterprise
HAMMACK: Enterprise, Lostine
HAMMOND: Bartlett, Enterprise
HAMPTON: Enterprise
HANKS: Bramlet
HANSEN: Enterprise
HANSON: Enterprise
HARLOW: Eden Bench
HARMON: Enterprise
HARNER: Prairie Creek
HARRELL: Enterprise
HARRINGTON: Eden Bench, Enterprise
HARRIS: Lostine
HARRISON: Enterprise
HARSHFIELD: Prairie Creek
HARSIN: Alder Slope, Enterprise, Imnaha, Prairie Creek
HART: Alder Slope, Enterprise
HARTLEY: Bramlet, Enterprise, Imnaha, Prairie Creek
HARTSHORN: Enterprise
HARVEY: Enterprise
HARWELL: Enterprise
HASKINS: Prairie Creek
HATCH: Prairie Creek
HAUN: Lostine
HAUP: Enterprise
HAUSLER: Prairie Creek
HAVERFIELD: Enterprise
HAWKINS: Bramlet, Enterprise
HAY: Enterprise
HAYCRAFT: Enterprise
HAYDEN: Prairie Creek
HAYES: Lostine, Prairie Creek
HAYS: Alder Slope, Enterprise
HAZEN: Enterprise
HEARING: Lostine, Prairie Creek
HEASTY: Enterprise
HEATER: Promise
HEAVERNE: Enterprise, Prairie Creek
HECK: Enterprise
HEFFLING: Prairie Creek
HEGLUND: Enterprise
HEIMEL: Prairie Creek
HELMS: Enterprise
HENDERSON: Alder Slope, Enterprise, Promise
HENDRICKS: Enterprise
HENDRICKSON: Enterprise, Wallowa
HENNEMAN: Enterprise
HENRY: Enterprise, Hurricane Creek
HENSLEY: Lostine, Wallowa
HEPBURN: Prairie Creek
HERDER: Wallowa
HERMAN: Enterprise
HERRING: Enterprise
HERZOG: Enterprise
HESKETT: Enterprise, Lostine, Wallowa
HETRICK: Enterprise, Wallowa
HIATT: Enterprise
HIBBS: Enterprise
HICKS: Enterprise, Prairie Creek
HILDE: Enterprise
HILL: Enterprise
HILLMAN: Enterprise
HILTON: Hurricane Creek
HINCH: Wallowa
HINER: Enterprise
HINTON: Enterprise, Prairie Creek
HIRONIMOUS: Enterprise
HOCKER: Wallowa
HOCKETT: Enterprise, Wallowa
HODGE: Enterprise, Wallowa
HOGAN: Bramlet
HOGUE: Bramlet
HOLBROOK Enterprise
HOLLAND: Enterprise
HOLLENBAEK: Enterprise
HOLMES: Enterprise, Lostine, Prairie Creek, Wallowa
HOLST: Prairie Creek
HOMAN: Alder Slope, Enterprise
HOMBEL: Enterprise
HOOK: Lostine, Wallowa
HOPE: Prairie Creek
HOPKINS: Enterprise
HOPPER: Bramlet
HOPWOOD: Bramlett
HORDE: Enterprise
HORNER: Enterprise, Park, Prairie Creek
HORROCKS: Enterprise
HORTON: Wallowa
HOUCK: Enterprise, Hurricane Creek
HOUP: Enterprise
HOUSE: Enterprise
HOUSER: Lostine
HOUSTON: Prairie Creek
HOVIS: Wallowa
HOWELL: Enterprise, Lostine
HOWERTON: Enterprise
HUBER: Wallowa
HUDGINS: Bramlet, Enterprise
HUFF: Prairie Creek, Wallowa
HUFFMAN: Enterprise, Prairie Creek, Wallowa
HUG: Enterprise
HUGGAN: Enterprise
HUGGINS: Enterprise
HUGHES: Enterprise
HULBERT: Enterprise
HULSE: Bramlet, Enterprise, Lostine
HUMPHREYS: Enterprise
HUNNICUTT: Prairie Creek
HUNT: Enterprise, Prairie Creek
HUNTER: Enterprise, Lostine, Wallowa
HUNTLEY: Wallowa
HUTCHINS: Bramlet, Wallowa
HUTCINSON: Prairie Creek
HYATT: Enterprise, Wallowa
HYDE: Enterprise
HYLTON: Powwatka, Wallowa
HYMAN: Enterprise, Prairie Creek
HYNEY: Wallowa
HYNSON: Prairie Creek

IMBLER: Enterprise
IMMONEN: Enterprise
INGERSOLL: Enterprise
IRVIN: Prairie Creek
ISENHART: Enterprise
ISLEY: Prairie Creek
ISOM: Enterprise, Prairie Creek

JACKSON: Prairie Creek, Wallowa
JACO: Enterprise
JACOB: Enterprise, Lostine, Wallowa
JACOBS: Enterprise
JAENSCH: Enterprise
JANUARY: Enterprise
JENNINGS: Prairie Creek
JENSEN: Enterprise, Imnaha
JEWELL: Enterprise, Lostine, Wallowa
JOHNSON: Alder Slope, Bramlet, Enterprise, Imnaha, Prairie Creek, Wallowa
JOHNSTON: Bramlet, Enterprise, Lostine, Prairie Creek
JONES: Alder Slope, Bartlett, Enterprise, Lostine, Minam, Prairie Creek, Wallowa
JORDAN: Enterprise
JOY: Enterprise
JUDSON: Prairie Creek
JUSTICE: Enterprise, Prairie Creek
JUVE: Enterprise


KASSAHN: Enterprise
KATSORAS: Enterprise
KAY: Enterprise
KEDWELL: Wallowa
KEELER: Bramlet, Imnaha, Lostine, Prairie Creek
KEENER: Enterprise, Imnaha, Park, Prairie Creek
KEISER: Wallowa
KEELER: Enterprise
KELLERMAN: Enterprise
KELLEY: Enterprise, Wallowa
KELLOGG: Wallowa
KELSAY: Prairie Creek
KELSEY: Enterprise
KELTNER: Enterprise
KENEALY: Prairie Creek
KENNEDY: Prairie Creek
KENVILLE: Enterprise
KENWORTHY: Alder Slope
KERNAN: Hurricane Creek, Prairie Creek
KESSLER: Wallowa
KETCHUM: Bramlet
KIECK: Prairie Creek
KIEL: Prairie Creek
KIMBLE: Enterprise
KING: Enterprise
KINGSFORD: Prairie Creek
KINNEY: Alder Slope, Prairie Creek
KIRBY: Enterprise
KIRK: Wallowa
KIRKLAND: Enterprise
KIRKMAN: Enterprise
KISER: Prairie Creek
KLAGES: Enterprise
KLECKER: Enterprise
KLITZ: Wallowa
KLYM: Enterprise
KNAPP: Enterprise
KNAPPER: Prairie Creek
KNIGHT: Bramlet, Enterprise, Lostine, Prairie Creek
KNODELL: Enterprise
KNOTT: Bramlet
KNOTTS: Lostine
KNOUSE: Wallowa
KOEPP: Wallowa
KOKLICH: Wallowa
KOOCH: Alder Slope, Enterprise
KOON: Promise
KOOPEMAN: Prairie Creek
KOPLAND: Wallowa
KOPLEIN: Wallowa
KOPLINE: Prairie Creek
KOTZ: Enterprise
KRALMAN: Enterprise
KRAMLICH: Enterprise
KUHN: Enterprise, Lostine, McCubbin, Paradise
KUTCH: Prairie Creek
KUYKENDAHL: Prairie Creek

LACERTE: Lostine
LaDELL: Enterprise
LAFEAR: Enterprise
LAIRD: Enterprise
LAMB: Wallowa
LAMBERT: Enterprise
LAMPKINS: Enterprise
LANAGSTON: Enterprise
LAND: Prairie Creek
LANDERS: Park, Prairie Creek, Wallowa
LANE: Wallowa
LANGHORN: Prairie Creek
LARE: Wallowa
LARKIN: Wallowa
LARM: Wallowa
LAUGHLIN: Prairie Creek
LAY: Enterprise, Prairie Creek
LEARN: Wallowa
LEE: Enterprise, Prairie Creek
LEFFEL: Prairie Creek
LEGORE: Alder Slope, Enterprise, Hurricane Creek, Prairie Creek
LEIN: Enterprise
LEMMON: Wallowa
LENINGTON: Enterprise
LENLEY: Enterprise
LENT: Lostine
LEONARD: Lostine
LERMENY: Enterprise
LERNLEY: Enterprise
LESLIE: Enterprise, Hurricane Creek, Prairie Creek
LEVANDER: Prairie Creek
LEWIS: Bramlet, Eden Bench, Enterprise, Imnaha, Lostine
LIGHTLE: Stubblefield
LILLY: Lostine, Powwatka
LINDSEY: Wallowa
LISTON: Bramlet
LITCH: Enterprise
LITTLEFIELD: Bramlet, Wallowa
LIVELY: Wallowa
LOCKE: Enterprise, Lostine, Prairie Creek
LOCY: Enterprise
LOFTUS: Enterprise
LOMBARD: Enterprise
LONG: Enterprise, Lostine
LONGLEY: Enterprise
LORREN: Enterprise
LORTIE: Bramlet
LOVELL: Enterprise, Prairie Creek
LOVELY: Bramlet
LOWDER: Enterprise
LOWICK: Enterprise
LOWLER: Wallowa
LOWRY: Enterprise
LOYD: Lostine
LOZIER: Enterprise
LUHRS: Enterprise
LUTSCH: Enterprise
LUTZE: Enterprise
LYDELL: Enterprise, Imnaha
LYMAN: Enterprise
LYMON: Wallowa
LYNCH: Enterprise
LYON: Wallowa
LYONS: Promise

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