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Many nice people have taken the time to record these cemeteries, they are human and like all of us they make errors. This site provided their email address, so you could write and ask them a question. All email address have now been removed because of the type email that were being sent to them.  You are welcome to use our contact form to ask questions.  I will not take time to answer demands or rude questions. We will not change the information provided by the compiler, but I will add at the bottom of the page a note about your discrepancies.

Alder Slope Cemetery Bramlet Cemetery Bartlett Cemetery
Dobbin Cemetery Elk Creek Cemetery Eden Bench Cemetery
Enterprise Cemetery Flora Cemetery Hurricane Creek Cemetery
Imnaha Cemetery Lostine Cemetery Lost Prairie Cemetery
McCubbin Cemetery Nicoson Cemetery Park Cemetery
Paradise Cemetery Pine Creek Cemetery Powwataka  Cemetery
Prairie Creek Cemetery Promise Cemetery Stubblefield Cemetery
Unknown Burial Place Wallowa Cemetery Westside Cemetery

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