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Powwatka Cemetery


BELL, Babies (2)
     Babies of Almedia & Joe Bell
     Mother of Jack Carpenter
COLLINS, Andrew Jackson                    b. 1866                    d. 8 Dec 1922
COLLINS, Kenneth Veral                        b. 24 Aug 1922       d. 10 Nov 1923
     Son of Ona & William Collins
COLLINS, L.M.                                      b. 1867                    d. 19__
COLLINS, Mattie Rae (Prince)                b.21 Mar 1901        d. 19 Feb 1926
     Wife of Jessie Collins
     Baby of Lou & Jake Hylton
     Baby of Lou & Jake Hylton
LILLY, Baby                                           b. 29 Jul 1925            d. 29 Jul 1925
     Baby of Ruby Lilly
PRINCE, Baby                                                                            d. 1902
PRINCE, Baby                                                                          d. 1908
PRINCE, Maggie L.                                b. 1832                       d. 24 Apr 1916
     Wife of Oscar F. Prince
PRINCE, Oscar Floyd                            b. 1830                        d. 1909
WOOD, Mary Jane                                b. 5 Feb 1856               d. 8 Mar 1924
      Siter of John Hylton

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