1900 Federal Census - Wallowa County, Oregon
 Janine M. Bork
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Janine bought a copy of the 1900 Federal Census from the National Archives and has put this census on the Wallowa County Webpage for the sole purpose of providing free information to the residents of Wallowa County. This material may be freely used by non-commercial entities as long as this message remains on all copied material.

As you can see, some of the pages of the census are unreadable in the copy she received. If you can add anything to this census please contact me at Judy White.

These pages take a VERY long time to load. At times it seems like the computer is not working but it is. It is reconfiguring the information into the browser. On Netscape, when it is done, it will say document done. It takes several minutes to load these pages and configure them, so be patient.
*At the bottom of this page is the legend for the columns.

DI = Divide Precinct EN = Enterprise (Town) EP = Enterprise Precinct
EPA = Enterprise Precinct Cont GR = Grouse Precinct IM = Imnaha
JP = Joseph Precinct JO = Joseph (Town) LP = Lost Prairie
LO = Lostine Precinct LOA = Lostine Precinct Cont. PA = Paradise Precinct
PAA = Paradise Precinct Con. PK - Park PI = Pine Creek
PC - Prairie Creek PR = Promise Precinct TC = Trout Creek
WP = Wallowa (Town) WA = Wallowa Precinct WAA= Wallowa Precinct cont.

1. Number of dwelling house, in the order of visitation.
2. Number of family in the order of visitation.
3. Name of each person whose place of abode on June 1, 1900 was in this family.
4. Relationship of each person to the head of the family.
5. Color of person.
6. Sex.
7. Date of Birth - Month.
8. Date of Birth - Year.
9. Age at last birthday.
10. Whether was single, married, widowed, or divorced.
11. Number of years married.
12. Mother of how many children.
13. Number of these children living.
14. Place of birth of this person.
15. Place of birth of Father of this person.
16. Place of birth of Mother of this person.
17. Year of immigration to the United States.
18. Number of years in the United States.
19. Naturalization. Na means they were naturalized.
20. Occupation, Trade or Profession of each person Ten years of age and over.
21. Months not employed.
22. Attended school (in months).
23. Can read.
24. Can write.
25. Can speak English.
26. Rent or own.
27. Owned or mortgaged.
28. Farm or House.
29. Number of Farm Schedule.
30. Code at the end of name in case I want to alphabetize. Correlates with district person is in.

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