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ADAMS, Arba N.
Enlisted June 3, 1861, Company H., Ninth Vermonth Volunteers. Discharged
September 11, 1863 due to a disability. He was at many battles including
Harper's Ferry, where he was captured by the enemy. After being paroled he
again joined his company until he was discharged.

Illustrated History of Union and Wallowa Counties - pg. 604

AMEY, Amos

AMEY, Henry

Corporal 3rd Iowa Cavalry


Union. Private 1st Illinois Cavalry, 1861 and Sergeant
119th Illinois Cavalry in 1862.


BARNES, George W.

Company G., 3rd Regiment, Missouri Cavalry and Company
K, 7th Regiment, Missouri Cavalry.


Just turning fifteen, enlisted in Company A, Thirty-ninth Missouri
Volunteers, on August 6, 1864. One of 8 to escape with his life during the
Centralia massacre. The entire remainder of his company was killed. Assisted
in running General Price out after his last raid. Was honorably
discharged on July 19, 1865.

Illustrated History of Union and Wallowa Counties - pg. 540

BEGGS, Charles C.

Enlisted on June 24, 1861 with the Twenty-first Illinois Infantry, Company E.
Was discharged on October 10th of the same year due to a disability. On
March 10, 1862, he re-enlisted with the same company for three years. He
was promoted to second lieutenant on January 22, 1864. He participated in
many battles and skirmishes and was with Sherman on the march to the
sea. He served the entire war being honorably discharged at the end.

Illustrated History of Union and Wallowa Counties - pg. 618


Enlisted in Company K, Thirty-sixth Missouri.
Illustrated History of Union and Wallowa Counties - pg. 646

BOTTS, Bernard B.
Confederate Army

BROCK, William Hopper-
Union Army

Private 15th Kansas Cavalry

CANNON, Augustus-
Private, Iowa 28th Infantry

COLE, Samuel D.

Enlisted August, 1862 with Company I, Thirty-ninth Volunter Iowa
Infantry. Was with General Sherman at the battle of Cross Roads. Fought
in the battle of Altoona Mountain and Buzzard Roost and many other battles.
Was taken prisoner at Altoona eventually being released. He then rejoined his
regiment. He was honorably discharged June 25, 1865.

Illustrated History of Union and Wallowa Counties - pg. 543

CONRAD, James Covington-

Private 10th Missouri Cavalry and 47th Missouri Infantry.

COOK, George Washington-
Colorado Cavalry

DAGGETT, Simeon Taylor

DAWSON, Alexander Reed -
Company F , 10th Regiment, Pennsylvania Reserves

DAY, Theodore R.-
Private-Sergeant-Wisconsin Infantry


In 1862 enlisted in the Twenty-second Michigan Infantry being with
the army of the Cumberland and participating in numerous battles.

Illustrated History of Union and Wallowa Counties - pg. 656

Confederate Army

EVANS, William
Union Army

FITE, Addison

FRAZIER, George W.-
Confederate Army


William joined the service in IL with  Clarks Regiment, the 29 Jul
1862. He was born in Owen, IN, is 18 years of age, 5 feet 8, in fair
complexion, blue eyes, light hair and by occupation when enlisted as a farmer.

Consent in Case of Minors

I, WH Galloway Do certify, That I am the Father of Wm A. Galloway; that
the said WA Galloway is 18 years of age; and I do hereby freely give my Consent
to his volunteering as a SOLDIER in the ARMY of the UNITED States for
the period of THREE YEARS.

Given at the 19th day of Aug 1862
Signed: Wm H. Galloway

Terrance Clark
(Dates indicate that consent was given after the fact.

Letter home:

September 13, 1862

Dear father and Mother

I take my pen in hand to let you know that I am well and i hope that
these few lins may find you all well
Wey hav marching orders in the morning at 6 oclock.
I cant tell whar wey will go i hav just comin from picket guard i went
out on the 11 day of Sep 1 was 5 mils from camp wey saw son Rebels
gariles they tride to slip up on us last knight But wey found them out i
and Nute
Base our guns hamers to hoot But hey got Behind trees they have had A
ky they union Boy drove them from Cincinatia i would like to see you all
the Best and Mother i want you to wright i handt got A scratch of pen
sins i Bin here i you A letter th 3 day of Sept
Wey had A hard time the first 2 days after wey left matoon wey had
nothing eat y wey hav plenty now tell that the Bedy Boys is
well the 123 Ridgement is coming
in our Brgad
wey hav get guns that i can shoot A men 500 yd sore pap i have got the
Best Bevver in camp i can hit a pank 8in wide 100 yrds half of the time.
is well the way wey went on picket guard it was 7 mils wey had 60
lbs to pack i way 150 lbs i an fat as a hog.
this is the last i am going to wright till you wright i am slepy
Wey have 30000 men hear
sono more bood by
from Wm A. galloway to his father and mother

William Alonzo Galloway was discharged 26 Nov 1862
Nashville, TN because he had chronic diarrhea.

This information on William Alonzo Galloway
provided by: Arleta Galloway

HALSEY, James D.

Served as a volunteer in the Sixteenth Wisconsin Infantry in
Company B. Honorably discharged in Louisville, Kentucky, in 1865.

Illustrated History of Union and Wallowa Counties - pg. 535


Enlisted August 15, 1861 in Company C, Twenty-first Home Guards
of northeastern Missouri. On February 2, 1862, he was mustered
into the regular service, taking place in Company C., Twenty-first Infantry.
Participated in the battles of Shiloh, Nashville, Fort Spanish, Blakely, and
Corinth. Was honorably discharged after three years. Immediately reinlisted
with the same company and regiment, serving until the end of the war. he
was mustered out on April 15, 1866 having been in constant
service for nearly five years.

Illustrated History of Union and Wallowa Counties - Pg. 545

HAYS, James -
Missouri Cavalry

HOMAN, Mark -

HOLLOWAY, William-
Private 101st Infantry-Indiana, Union Army


Served in Price's army under Colonel Withers. Was on Price's last raid.

Illustrated History of Union and Wallowa Counties


KERNAN, William

Served with the One Hundred and Thirty-sixth Pennsylvania
Infantry, Company K. Served 11 months with this unit. Then re-enlisted
with Company G, One Hundred and Ninety-second Pennsylvania Infantry.
Served in this unit until the end of the war.

Illustrated History of Union and Wallowa Counties - pg. 607

KOOCH, David -
Union Army

LANDRUS, Joseph H.

On January 1, 1862, enlisted in Company H, Sixty-first Illinois Infantry.
Participated in the battle of Shiloh, was at the siege of Vicksburg and Little
Rock, Arkansas. Along with all his regiment he was captured at Murfreesboro
and sent to Andersonville prison. Mr. Landrus went into Andersonville with
a weight of around two hundred pounds. By the time he was released from
Andersonville, he weighed a mere 100 pounds. After Andersonville, he
went to Jacksonville, Florida and recruited and participated in other battles
and skirmishes. He was honorably discharged in July, 1865.

Illustrated History of Union and Wallowa Counties - pg. 549

Company K, 2nd Kansas Volunteer Infantry

LATHROP, Thomas M.

Enlisted in Company K, Second Kansas Volunteer Infantry. Participated
in the battle at Cabin Creek among other battles and skirmishes.
His service continued until the end of the war

Illustrated History of Union and Wallowa Counties - pg. 617

LOCKE, William G.
Corporal 33rd Infantry of Iowa, Union Army

Union Army of Condon. Bowman's brigade. 2nd Division, 9th Corps


In 1862 enlisted in Company E, Thirty-third Missouri. Was wounded
during the battle of Mobile. Honorably dishcarged on January 15, 1866.

Illustrated History Of Union and Wallowa Counties - pg. 571-572.

MASON, Frank

Marion Field Surgeon
Confederate Army under General Price

NEDROW, John Wesley


Enlisted in Company K, Thirty-fourth Missouri Infantry.
Illustrated History of Union and Wallowa Counties - pg. 598

PHILLIPS, Courtland
Confederate Army

Company B, Michigan 12th Infantry


In 1864, enlisted in the Fourth Iowa Cavalry, Company D.
Illustrated History of Union and Wallowa Counties - pg. 596

RUSSELL, Micheal

SMITH, Anderson C.

Enlisted as first lieutenant of Company D, Ninth Kansas Cavalry.
Resigned May 20, 1862 due to the poor health of his wife.

Illustrated History of Union and Wallowa Counties - pg. 577



Enlisted in Company H, Twentieth Ohio, Infantry. Served for three years, nine
months and ten days, being mustered out at the close of the war as corporal.

Illustrated History of Union and Wallowa Counties - pg. 599

SURBER, Jessee
Union Army. Company E, 7th Regiment, Iowa Cavalry



In the fall of 1861, joined the Ninth Kansas Regiment of Volunteer Cavalry,
captained by Goss. Served under Blunt and Steele and in 1863 went into
Arkansas, where at DuVoll's Bluff he was discharged from service. At the
time of his discharge he was quartermaster sergeant of Company F.

Illustrated History of Union and Wallowa Counties - pg. 557

Served in Kansas. Unknown regiment.

Illustrated History of Union and Wallowa Counties - pg. 595

TULLEY, James A.

At sixteen, enlisted in Company F, Ninth Kansas Cavalry.
Served for eighteen months.

Illustrated History of Union and Wallowa Counties - pg. 608

WALL, Joseph P.
Private 33rd Missouri Infantry

WEATHERS, William Hardin

In 1862, enlisted in the Fifteenth Texas Infantry, Company B. Served
in the Confederate army until the close of the war and
was then honorably discharged.

Illustrated History of Union and Wallowa Counties - pg. 613

WILSEY, William C.
Union Army


Enlisted in Company A, First California Cavalry, as farrier of
the company, and he served sixteen months receiving an honorable discharge.,

Illustrated History of Union and Wallowa Counties - pg. 621

WOLFE, Gideon

Union Army. Company B. , 1st Tennessee Federal Cavalry.
Went from 1st Lt. to Captain

ZURCHER (Johannes) John

Enlisted August, 1861 with the Thirtieth Ohio Volunteer Infantry, Company
1. Was wounded in 1862 at the battle of South Mountains in Maryland, being
discharged two months later. As soon as his wounds healed he re-enlisted and
was again in the field until he mustered out at Little Rock,
Arkansas, in August, 1865.

Illustrated History of Union and Wallowa Counties - pg. 586



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