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Gastin Family Genealogy

Contributed by Orvetta Harmon
Copyright 2000

This family genealogy donated by Orvetta. Please send her a big thanks for thinking about us and donating to the project.

d/o = Daughter of   s/o = son of   m/1 = Marriage number 1, etc. + = additional information. If there is an obituary or other information, I have included a link to the page.


William Penn Gastin

William Penn Gastin b. 29 Feb 1829, Pennsylvania. d. 19 Jun 1891, Wallowa, Wallowa, OR. Burial Jun 1891,Wallowa,
     Married to:
Mary Jane BARR b. 19 Apr 1833, Pennsylvania d. 26 Jan 1900, Wallowa, Wallowa, OR. Burial Jan 1900,Wallowa Cemetery, Wallowa, OR. d/o Mother Metzenheimer

1. Jennie May Gastin b. 17 Dec 1850 Pittsburg, Allegheny, Pennsylvania m/1 Charles C. BEGGS m/2: William R. MINOR +
2. Benjamin Franklin Gastin b.22 Aug 1853 Jefferson, Pennsylvania m: Mary FOSTER +
3. Thomas McClelland Gastin b. 25 Sep 1863/1864  m: Emily Elestia HAMMACK +
4. Martha Ellen Gastin b. 26 May 1864 Near Waterloo, Iowa +
5. James Barr Gastin b. 25 Jan 1868 ,Osborne, Kansas  m: Kate May CUSSINS+
6. Archie Maquelin Gastin b. 10 Jan 1871

Second Generation

1. Jennie May GASTIN b. 17 Dec 1850 Pittsburg, Allegheny, Pennsylvania. d. 1 Jan 1922 Portland, Multomah, OR
     Burial Jan 1922, Wallowa, Wallowa, OR
     m/1: Charles C. BEGGS 15 Nov 1868. Oswego, Kansas
     m/2: William R. MINOR - 23 Feb 1879. Cove, Union, OR (Marriage Certificate)

     Child of Marriage 2:
     Lewis William MINOR b.13 Jul 1884   d. 28 Jun 1978  (Death Certificate)
      m: Kathleen M. Minor

2. Benjamin Franklin GASTIN b. 22 Aug 1853  Jefferson, Pennsylvania. d. 16 Mar 1933 Elgin, Union, OR. Burial
     18 Mar 1933, Elgin Cemetery, Union, OR
     m: Mary FOSTER

 3. Thomas McClelland GASTIN  b. 25 Sep 1863/1864 Jefferson, Pennsylvania. d. 11 April 1942. Burial April 1942
     Lostine Cemetery, Lostine, Wallowa, OR
     m: Emily Elestia HAMMACK 12 Mar 1904, Enterprise, Wallowa, OR

 4.  Martha Ellen GASTIN b. 26 May 1864 Near Waterloo, Iowa. d. 27 Dec 1940 Wallowa, Wallowa, OR. Burial
     29 Dec 1940, Wallowa cemetery, Wallowa, Wallowa, OR (Link to Gastin Obituary Page)
     m: Henry THOMPSON 13 Feb 1882

 5. James Barr GASTIN b. 25 Jan 1868  , Osborne, Kansas  d. 4 Dec 1924 Portland, Multnomah, OR. Burial
    7 Dec 1924 Wallowa Cemetery, Wallowa, Wallowa, OR
    Kate May CUSSINS 31 Mar 1897. Wallowa, Wallowa, OR. (Marriage Certificate)
         b. 24 Dec 1879 Pickerell, Gage, Nebraska.
         d. 2 Sep 1961 Wallowa, Wallowa, OR. Burial 6 Sept 1961 Wallowa Cemetery, Wallowa, Wallowa OR.
               (Link to Gastin Obituary Page)
         d/o Samuel Jefferson CUSSINS and Louisa Elizabeth NELSON (Link to Cussins Family Genealogy Page )

     I.  Leroy James GASTIN  b. 3 Jan 1898 Wallowa, Wallowa, OR. d. 9 Jan 1969 Wallowa, Wallowa, OR. Burial
          15 Jan 1969 Wallowa cemetery, Wallowa, Wallowa OR. (Link to Gastin Obituary Page)

     II. Laura Josephine GASTIN  b. 12 May 1901 Wallowa, Wallowa, OR d. 11 Jul 1960 La Grande, Union, OR. Burial
          15 Jul 1960 Island City cemetery, Union, OR
         Married Harry Orville ANDERSON 5 May 1920 Weiser, Washington, ID

     III. Dee Jay GASTIN b. 14 Jan 1904. Wallowa, Wallowa, OR. d. 12 Dec 1955 Lostine, Wallowa, OR. Burial
           17 Dec 1955. Wallowa cemetery, Wallowa, Wallowa, OR (Link to Gastin Obituary Page)

      IV. Eugene Edward GASTIN b. 3 Aug 1905. Wallowa, Wallowa, OR  d. 21 Jun 1968 Lostine, Wallowa, OR. Burial
            17 Dec 1955. (Link to Gastin Obituary Page)
            Married: Clarice Mary "Bun" COUCH 3 Apr 1935 Walla Walla, Walla Walla, WA. (Link to her obit)

      V. Irvin Howard GASTIN b. 10 Nov 1907. Wallowa, Wallowa, OR. d. 12 Sep 1969 Wallowa, Wallowa, OR
           Burial 19 Sep 1969 Wallowa cemetery, Wallowa, Wallowa, OR (Link to Gastin Obituary Page)

6. Archie Maquelin GASTIN b. 10 Jan 1871, Iowa. d. 26 Jun 1949. Terre Belles, Tulare, CA. Burial 28 Jun 1949. Tulare cemetery, Tulare, CA. (Link to further information for Archie)


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