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Sturm Family Genealogy

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Contributed by the Sturm Families

Angella Bloom has information on the family when they were in Virginia. Duane Sasser and Wilbur Dale have extensive information on different branches of the family. They are willing to help those looking for family

Thanks to Duane Sasser. He helped Janine in sorting out this rather large family. His advice and knowledge are very much appreciated.

Descendants of James Wesley Sturm

 Generation No. 1

JAMES WESLEY STURM  was born August 6, 1838 in Barbour, Virginia, and died September 23, 1921 in Paradise,  , OR.  He married SUSAN ENGLAND July 07, 1859 in W. Virginia, daughter of WILLIAM ENGLAND and MARY
BOOTH.  She was born December 1, 1841 in Barbour county, West Virginia, and died October 10, 1925 in Sled Springs, Wallowa, OR.  Both are buried in Paradise cemetery, Wallowa Co., OR

Children of JAMES STURM and SUSAN ENGLAND are:
 i.   ARLANDO JACKSON STURM, b. October 06, 1861, Barbour county, Virginia; d. March 06, 1941, Near Enterprise, Wallowa county, OR.
 ii.   HENRY D. STURM, b. October 24, 1865, Meadowdale, West Virginia; d. May 09, 1931, Paradise, Wallowa,       OR.Other family have him born about 1863.
iii.   CHARLES FRANKLIN STURM, b. 1872, Virginia; d. May 06, 1953, Lewiston, ID. Other family have him born Jan  11, 1871.
iv.   ANNA ELIZA STURM, b. October 31, 1882, Meadowville, West Virginia; d. January 13, 1937, Seneca, Baker, OR.
 v.   ELLA J. STURM, b. October 18, 1869, Virginia. Other Family have her born about 1865.
vi.   SAMUEL C. STURM, b. September 19, 1860; d. June 03, 1942.
vii.  MARY Elizabeth STURM, b. 1868; m. JAMES P. CURRY. Other family have her born about 1867.
viii. ROBERT L. STURM, b. 1870. Other family have him born about 1869.
ix.   LOYD STURM, b. 1875.
 x.   WILLIAM E. STURM, b. Oct 1, 1877.
 xi.   DAVID T. STURM, b. Jan 1880.
xii.   LUTHER C. STURM, b. Jan1880.

         Generation No. 2

ARLANDO JACKSON STURM  was born October 06, 1861 in Barbour county, Virginia, and died March 06, 1941 in Near Enterprise, Wallowa county, OR.  He married (1) FLORENCE BUTCHER August 21, 1884 in Barbour county, West Virginia.  Other family have them married about 1885. She died Abt. 1890 in ? Tucker, West Virginia. Other family have her death Aug 2, 1897. She was born 1866 in Kirt, Barbour Co., W. VA  He married (2) CORA GRACE SMITH April 09, 1899 in ?Barbour county, Virginia, daughter of ABRAM SMITH and MARGARET.  She was born April 17, 1867 in West Virginia, and died April 15, 1955 in Newburg, OR.

   i.       BLANCHE STURM, b. July 16, 1886 m. John EVANS.
   ii.       MINNIE STURM, b.July 19, 1888 m. Arle Gay  MCCRAE.
  iii.       DALLAS STURM. (twin) b.Jan. 13, 1894  m. Betty Young
  iv.       DELBERT STURM. Delbert (twin) Jan. 13, 1894 died first year
   v.       ROY STURM, b. Sept 14, 1892, Tucker, West Virginia; d. June 25, 1923, Flora, Wallowa, OR.

Children of ARLANDO STURM and CORA SMITH are:
   i.Carl b.March 25, 1903
  ii.Helen Grace Sturm. b. June 10, 1904 d. 1972, ? Wallowa county, OR; m. EDGAR DALE, 1922, ?Wallowa; b. 1873; d. 1960, ? Wallowa county, OR.
 iii. Edna Byrle Sturm. b. Oct. 29, 1908; d. 1968; m. Foy A. SASSER
 iv. Harry Orison Sturm. b. Sept. 12,1911  m. Klea Emerson
  v. Donald b. Stillborn

Cora Grace Smith had a child previously:
Ruth Smith. M. Phillips

HENRY D. STURM   was born October 24, 1865 in Meadowdale, West Virginia, and died May 09, 1931 in Paradise, Wallowa, OR.  He married ARMINTA ANGELINE WINTERS December 12, 1899, daughter of ANDREW WINTERS and BERTHA LEE.  She was born April 13, 1863 in Booneville, Iowa, and died May 26, 1940 in Paradise, Wallowa,

                   i.       FLOYD JACKSON3 STURM, b. 1902.
8.               ii.       ARTIE BLANCH STURM, b. October 02, 1903, Paradise,  Wallowa county, OR; d. January 02, 1942, Enterprise, Wallowa county, OR.
                 iii.       WILLIAM STURM, b. December 1898, Oregon.

CHARLES FRANKLIN  STURM  was born Jan 11, 1871, Phillipi, W Va, and died May 06, 1953 in Lewiston, ID, buried Paradise. He married LIZZIE READY Sept 11, 1907 in ?Flora, Wallowa, OR.  She was born July 18, 1876, and died in 1928 in Flora. She is buried in Paradise.

                   i.       JOSEPH STURM, (twin) b. June 22, 1908, Paradise,  Wallowa county, OR; d. December 23, 1946, Ukiah, OR. Buried in Paradise
                  ii.       JAMES FRANKLIN STURM,(twin) b. June 22, 1908, d July 13, 1908, buried Paradise
                 iii.       CLIFFORD NEAL STURM. b, Nov. 14, 1909, died abt 1993, Boise, Idaho
                 iv.       JACKSON NORBORN STURM, b. March 26, 1914, died 1975 buried Umatilla county. Flora, Wallowa, OR; d. September 16, 1975, Walla Walla, Walla Walla, WA.

ANNA ELIZA  STURM  was born October 31, 1882 in Meadowville, West Virginia, and died January 13, 1937 in Seneca, Baker, OR.  She married LAKO D. OSBORNE July 05, 1898 in Elkins, West Virginia.  He was born January 1879, and died February 21, 1949 in Portland, Multnomah, OR.

                   i.       CECIL3 OSBORNE, b. 1904; d. 1983; m. (1) VELMA ELSIE GARRETT; b. March 05, 1904; m. (2) VELMA ELSIE GARRETT; b. March 05, 1904.

ELLA J. STURM  was born October 18, 1869 in Virginia.  She married ANDREW J. LOUK June 14, 1894 in Randolph County, W. Virginia, son of JOHN LOUK and FRANCIS HELMICK.  He was born 1838 in Barbour, Virginia.

Children of ELLA STURM and ANDREW LOUK are:
             i.       EVA MAE3 LOUK, b. May 01, 1897, Montrose, Randolph Co., W. Virginia; d. January 02, 1972, Saline, MI.
             ii.       ALICE GERTRUDE LOUK, b. 1899; m. CLIFFORD HAYDEN.

SAMUEL C. STURM  was born September 19, 1860, and died June 03, 1942.  He married ALICE WYLER.

Children of SAMUEL STURM and ALICE WYLER are:
                   i.       SOPHIA STURM.
                  ii.       HELEN STURM.
                 iii.       LOUIS WYLER STURM.

                                                                        Generation No. 3

ARTIE BLANCH STURM  was born October 02, 1903 in Paradise,  Wallowa county, OR, and died January 02, 1942 in Enterprise, Wallowa county, OR.  She married THOMAS C. BUNNELL June 29, 1926 in La Grande, Union, OR.

                  Names Privatized

 JACKSON N. STURM  was born March 26, 1914 in Flora, Wallowa, OR, and died September 16, 1975 in Walla Walla, Walla Walla, WA.  He married WANDA BERNER September 06, 1945 in La Grande, Union, OR.

                 Names Privatized

EVA MAE LOUK   was born May 01, 1897 in Montrose, Randolph Co., W. Virginia, and died January 02, 1972 in Saline, MI.  She met HARRY ENOS BLOOM July 17, 1913 in Cumberland, Maryland.  He was born July 16, 1877, and died January 26, 1958.

Children of EVA LOUK and HARRY BLOOM are:
      i.       HARRY EARL BLOOM, b. May 19, 1914; d. December 20, 1987; m. ELENORE SKELT, August 16, 1952.
      ii.       PEARL BLOOM, b. February 06, 1916; d. March 30, 1916.
      iii.       WILLIAM HOWARD BLOOM, b. May 13, 1917; d. September 19, 1966; m. DOMENICA PELLIGRINO, April 1947.
      iv.       TRESSIE GERTRUDE BLOOM, b. April 27, 1920; m. JOHN "JACK" SHUGG, September 21, 1940.
      v.       ROBERT RONALD BLOOM, b. February 19, 1923; d. December 12, 1944; m. SHIRLEY RUMBERGER.
      vi.       MARY RITA BLOOM, b. May 20, 1925; d. October 29, 1938.
      vii.       ALICE IRENE BLOOM, b. July 01, 1927; m. (1) LEONARDO "LEO" RENDA; b. September 01, 1919; d. April 20, 1981; m. (2) FREDERICK BAUER; m. (3) KENNETH JAMES MCDONALD, September 10, 1961; b. May 26, 1922; d. November 27, 1969.
     viii.       GLENN ORVILLE BLOOM, b. June 11, 1929; m. (1) ARLENE CHRISTNER; m. (2) GLORIA MASTERKA.



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