This portion of the Veterans section is transcribed from the first Roll of Honor until the end of the war. I included it because it graphically shows the ebb of men from the county gradually speeding up in the number of men taken for the war effort. Being a mother of boys, I can imagine how the women felt. We know how the story ended for each and every one of them by the wars end. These mothers and wives could only wait and pray that they would come back.

This is a tribute to the men who went and those left behind to carry on.

Roll Call - April 10, 1918

Roll Call - May 15, 1918

Call to Arms - May 16, 1918

Call to Arms - June 1918

Call to Arms - July 1918

Call to Arms - August 1918

Call to Arms - September 1918

Call to Arms - October 1918

Germany Surrenders

Called to the Colors

The following Wallowa county young men have been called in the next draft and will leave for Camp Lewis on Friday, April 26th:
Forest Levi Wilson.
Vernon Leigh Titus.
Charles O'Toney
Roy William Kruse.
Alex Hylton.
Joseph Von Stephens.
Lee Orr.
Wm. Wesley Cobbs.
Silas F. Barton.
Louis Audit.
Francis Michael O'Brien.
Walter Carl Bly.
Claris Dawson Bailey.
Edward Crandall.
Grover C. Eckley.
Christian Bue.

It is expected that his many men of class one will be called each month hereafter as Uncle Sam will increase the size of his army as fast as possible until all of class one are taken.

Wallowa County Reporter Wednesday, April 10, 1918

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Thirty-Eight Wallowa County Men Called To The Colors To Entrain On May 29th
For Fort McDowell, California.

County Clerk received word late last evening, Wednesdady, of the largest draft of young men yet taken from Wallowa County. Following is list of young men who will go in this call:

James Stive Pappas, Vincent; Hiram Own Powell, Flora; Hans Running, Elgin; Harvey Surba Downing, Enterprise; Rosco Kellogg, Joseph; Dick Lightfoot, Joseph; Jesse martin Scholl, Enterprise; Charles Shelby Hamilton, Wallowa; Joseph Alphonso Heminger, Union; Alen Annis Thomas, Wallowa; Ira Everett marks, Imnaha; Albert Ralph Apperson, Enterprise; Earl Allison Shaeffer, Wallowa; Leonard Boswell, Pendleton; Joseph MacBurdett, Joseph; Ed Jaensch, Enterprise; Albert Wesley Graham, Paradise; John Henderson bratton, Imnaha; Lloyd Cecil Carpenter, Pendleton; Max Gummerman, Enterprise; Charley Beeman, Enterprise; Oscar Silas Barton, Enterprise; Walter Enyart, Paradise; Albert Fred Strohm, Joseph; Emil Gustave Poveltz, Enterprise; Charlie Samuel Jenkin, Hyssa; Carl Marius Jorgenson, Almosta, Wash; Benj. Owen Mallory, Los Angeles, Calif; Earl Stephen Fort, Enterprise; Alfred Shalby Stambaugh, Imnaha; Robert Plummer, Enterprise; Oscar McFarlane, Flora; Guy E. Gabriel, Enterprise, Calvin E. Plummer, Enterprise; Oscar McFarlane, Flora; Guy E. Gabriel, Enterprise; Calvin E.A. Long, Enterprise; Jessie Felds, Wallowa; Leary Arbon Allen, Vincent; Raymon W. Throe, Joseph, Hans Finstad, Enterprise.

The men will entrain for Fort McDowell, California on the afternoon of Wednesday, May 29th from Enterprise. The call came as a surprise as it was understood there would be no call this month from Oregon because of the heavy enlistments.

Wallowa County Reporter Extra! May 15, 1918

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Thirty-eight Wallowa county boys - much the largest draft called yet - will leave to join the colors Wednesday, May 29. A telegram summoning them was received last night by the local board, whose members met at the court house at once and prepared notices to be sent today to the men. The call came as a decided surprise, for there had been an impression that Oregon would gain an exemption equal to the many who have volunteered from the state, and so would furnish few if any at the next draft. This seems to have been a mistake.

The next 38 on the list, with their order numbers, are:
190 - James Stive Pappas, Vincent.
193 - Hiram Owen Powell, Flora.
195 - Hans Running, Enterprise.
200 - Harvey Zirba Downing, Enterprise.
202 - Roscoe Kellog Foster, Joseph
206 - Dick Lightfoot, Joseph.
210 - Jesse Martin Scholl, Enterprise.
220 - Charles Shelby Hamilton, Wallowa.
222 - Jasper A. Heminger, Enterprise.
232 - Alen A. Thomas, Wallowa.
248 - Ira Everett Marks, Imnaha.
250 - Albert R. Apperson, Enterprise.
262 - Earl A. Schaeffer, Wallowa.
263 - Leonard Boswell, Enterprise.
266 - Joseph Max Burdett, Joseph.
274 - Ed Jaensch, Enterprise.
278 - Albert Wesley Graham, Paradise.
279 - John H. Bratton, Wallowa.
284 - Lloyd Cecil Carpenter, Enterprise.
285 - Max Gumerman, Enterprise.
290 - Charley Beeman, Enterprise.
294 - Oscar Solis Barton, Meacham.
295 - Walter Enyart, Paradise.
304 - Albert Fred Strohm, Joseph.
306 - Emil Gustave Povelits, Enterprise.
307 - Charlie S. Junkon, Enterprise.
309 - Carl M. Jorgenson, Zumwalt.
310 -Benj. Owen Mallory, Bartlett.
312 - Earl Stephen Fort, Enterprise.
313 - Hans Finstad, Enterprise.
317 - Alfred S. Stumbaugh, Imnaha.
319 - Robert Plummer, Enterprise.
323 - Oscar McFarland, Wallowa.
325 - Guy E. Gabriel, Enterprise.
326 - Calvin A. Long, Enterprise.
328 - Jess Fields, Wallowa.
338 - Leavy Arbon Allen, Paradise.
348 - Raymond W. Throe, Cornucopia.

If any of these 38 men cannot go, the next men on the list will be called.

The next five are:
349 - J. Ronald Wagner, Enterprise.
355 - Lloyd Alvin Kenville, Paradise.
356 - Claud Jackson Pomeroy, Joseph.
362 - Harrison Hamilton, Enterprise.
364 - Kostusico Ray, Minam.

The men who will leave May 29 will go to Fort McDowell, San Francisco, for their first training. Most of the county's recruits have gone to Camp Lewis, but the last call prior to this went to the California contonment.

Two men registered in the draft have been inducted into the service and will leave tomorrow. They are Harry L. Gilham of Enterprise, who will go as a timber cruiser, and Charles Fisher of Minam, who will be a forest ranger. They go in response to a recent call for men of special qualifications. In addition volunteers leave every week. When the local board went thru the list to get the 38 men wanted, it was found that about half a dozen of the eligibles were already in government service.

Enterprise Record Chieftain
Thursday May 16, 1918

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Thirty-three Men Called to the Colors
Must Report on Sept. 3rd to Go to Camp Lewis on Sept. 4th

Following are the names of those called to Camp Lewis on Sept. 4th:

Austin Leonard Scriber.
Ernest Earl Hulse.
Roy K. Tippett.
James W. Lewis.
Cecil Ernest Moody.
Basil Clifton Terry.
James Young.
Roy C. McCully.
Governor P. Holmes.
Gottfred Julius Carlson.
Uleous Poulson.
Oscar Frederick E. Gustafson.
Oscar Van Lampkins.
Nelson Leonard Wood.
Jay Perkins Templeton.
A. Dallas Sturm.
Richard Wm. Bird.
Ehrman Bland Beck.
Clarence Wisdom.
Frank Edward Fischer.
Harold E. Edgmand.
Verner Lawrence Moore.
Howard Collins.
Gale Shelton Johnson.
Francis Brayton Davis.
Archie Reginald Glassey.
Charles Robert Gobel.
Wm. McKinley Downing.
Ermete Colombari.
James Wallace Monteith.
Harry Edward Coleman.
Harry Gibson.
Ike Thompson.
Don Ray Pogue.

Thirty of above in regular call to go to Camp Lewis. The remaining will go either to Camp Lewis or to Fort McDowell to replace rejected men.

Wallowa County Reporter Thursday August 29, 1918

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German has signed the peace armistice and hostilities to cease today at 2 p.m. Germany accepts all terms of the Allied Conference.

Wallowa County Reporter Thursday November 7, 1918

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