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Jim Huffman/Roberta Still and Yvonne M. Huffman

Huffman Family

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Left to right front row: Jacob and Mary Long, Priscilla Huffman, Joseph and Matty Harris (Priscilla's brother).
Left to right back row: Susan and Joseph Huffman, Sebert Huffman, Eliza Huffman-Hayden, John and Mary Huffman.

     John & Pricilla Huffman  came out on the wagon train from Missouri , alone with 8 of their children, some of whom are in  the group picture. Mary Long came out a few years later as she was married. She got a divorce and followed the family west.
     John told years later the family that they walked most of the way . Pricilla is the little old lady in the middle . Her maiden name is Harris , Joseph her brother has a hill or mountain  named for him in the Elgin area.

Roberta Still

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Contributed  by:
Jim Huffman/Roberta Still and Yvonne M. Huffman
October 2001



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