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Northwestern Fights and Fighters 9/14/02
A complete book on line, the first 5 chapters are about
Joseph and the Nez Percé war.

Can you help identify these people??

Wallowa County Early History
These will load very slowly as they are large images

Chief Joseph
Many articles contributed by Jim Reavis on the Nez Percé leader

Wallowa County Towns (past and present) *Historical

Bartlett Enterprise Evans Eden Flora Fruita
Grossman Grouse Imnaha Joseph Lewis Lostine
Maxville Minam Paradise Promise Troy Wallowa
Zumwalt Alder* Armin* Chico* Copper* Eustis*

Wallowa County Post Offices, (past and present)

Lewis Postoffice

School Days
Surnames of Wallowa County Students

School Photos and More School Photos

Family Bibles

Family Genealogies

 Reader Contributed Information

The best part of any website!!
Just click on their name to see a list.  Each has their own  index with the information they have contributed. There are some great stories as well as family information.

Jim Reavis has provided a large collection of information on Chief Joseph and several pages of the Little Chieftain Newspaper

Joseph Bank Robbery (2 stories)


Letters From Home
I hope you will enjoy reading them as much as I did while
adding them back to these pages!

Veterans Index
Links to the many veteran pages available on this site.

Wallowa County Neighbors

Baker County Oregon AHGP or Baker County Oregon USGenWeb
Union County Oregon AHGP or Union County USGenWeb
Umitilla County Oregon AHGP or Umitilla County Oregon USGenWeb
Asotin County Washington AHGP or Asotin County Washington USGenWeb
Columbia County Washington AHGP or Columbia County Washington USGenWeb
Nez Percé County Idaho AHGP or Nez Percé Idaho USGenWeb





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