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From the collection of Jim Reavis

Photos from Frank Reavis

August 5, 1899 during Chief Joseph's last visit to Wallowa County in his attempt to secure space for his people. 

Top, left to right Inspector James McLaughlin, Indian Agent (the same agent that sent the Indian Police to arrest Sitting Bull, resulting in his death), Chief Joseph. Bottom row: Edward Rabain, government interpreter, Peo Peo Tholekt (Landing Bird), a minor Nez Perce chief and Phillip Andres also a minor chief.


Chief Joseph Descendants

Old Chief Joseph

     This picture was taken about 40 years ago near the Wallowa river between Lostine and Wallowa on the occasion of the removal of the remains of Old Chief Joseph to the cemetery at the foot of Wallowa lake.  The bones of old chief, father of Chief Joseph who led the Nez Perc in the wars of the 1870's.  The Indians shown here are descendants of Chief Joseph who assisted in locating the remains which were with the remains of several other Indians in a burial plot which had been plowed up in farming operations.  The three white people in the picture, from left to right, are:  Jim Tulley, a pioneer resident of the county, Mrs. Anna Reavis, daughter of A. C. Smith, another pioneer and close friend of Chief Joseph and a member of his tribe, and W. W. White.  Mrs. Reavis, 89, still makes her home in Enterprise.  After the remains had been gathered up a big ceremony was held at Wallowa lake in connection with the re-burial rites.
     If anyone can identify Joseph's family members, we would like to hear from you.



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