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The Cook


     This picture is presented as an exceptionally meritorious piece of character study photography.  It happens that the subject of the sketch is C. F. McPherson, the Enterprise baker.  He was a member of a hunting party in October and officiated as cook.  After partaking generously of one of his own meals he was caught standing in the doorway of the cabn, with a look and pose of such perfect ease and contentment, that the photographer concluded the opportunity should not be overlooked.  The cabin is at the old ranger station in Big Sheep creek.  Mr. McPherson says he felt just as comfortable as he looked.  Photo by Juve & Vergere

After the Snow-Slide


Snow slides which are frequent in the Wallowa mountains later in the spring make permanent occupation of their valleys and slopes extremely hazardous.  The mountains are very steep, often rising from the valley to the summit with hardly any real break in the grade.  Winter brings heavy snowfalls.  When the warm rains, sun and wind of spring soften the snow, it loses its hold and dashes to the valley in a destructive avalanche.  The photograph here shown was taken in one of the valleys above Wallowa lake, after a snow slide had come down last spring.  Great trees, rocks and debris of all kinds were carried in the avalanche.  Further up the valley, beyond the path of the snow slide the trees were seen standing, just as they were before the snow swept them down in the immediate vicinity.

The Homesteader

     This the time to think of breaking sod for the new crop, on hundreds of acres of virgin soil in Wallowa County.  Each year since the first settler came into this secluded little empire, much new land has been put into cultivation, and the work is not nearly finished.  In fact each year sees more sod turned and put into wheat or other grain.  This striking photograph shows Roy C. Edgmand breaking sod on his homestead near Chico.  It is suspected that he had some assistance 

in taking the photograph, although he would have one think otherwise.

The Sheepherder

     On the slopes and benches found along the canyons in the east and north parts of Wallowa County the sheep find their winter pasture.  The band here shown belonged to Dobin and Huffman, and was grazing on Jay H. Dobbin's ranch on Tulley creek, Imnaha valley.  Guy A. Spencer is the herder and the photograph was taken April 25 of this year by Guy W. Huffman.  Among the ewes are shown many sturdy lambs, some of which will go out to the eastern mutton markets this fall.


     This striking picture shows six thoroughbred Hampshire bucks on Carl Whitmore's Spruce Grove farm.  Any one who ever has taken photographs of animals at close range knows the difficulty of getting them to group themselves suitably, and inducing them to keep still long enough to make possible their

reproduction on the negative.  Mr. Whitmore is an enthusiast on thoroughbred stock, and is president of the Wallowa County Fair Association.  Photo by Juve & Vergere

W. H. Durham's Shearing Plant

     W. H. Durham's shearing plant was located this spring on land of the East Oregon Lumber Company on Swamp Creek, a short distance below C. E. Funk's land.  For several years the plant had been near Swamp Creek, but formerly it was farther south and east in the hill district.  Sam Litch owned it.  At its present location it is sheltered from late storms that some times play havoc with newly shorn sheep.  Mr. Durham sheared 27,000 sheep at the plant this spring, starting in the middle of May.  The work went slowly because of the frequent rains.

Many shearers follow the trade all spring and summer, going from one plant and state to another.  Some start early in the spring in California and New Mexico and work north as the season advances.


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