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Contributions from Jim Reavis

These are pages from "Descendants of the Revis-Reavis Family In America"
by Barbara Lucas

1500 pages 2 volumes
Provides data on the first 8 generations of the family of Edward Reavis,
progenitor; and his 7 sons, which includes the lineage of James-2,
which is the line of those who settled in Wallowa Co area.  For further information,
contact Barbara at the address listed above.

The Following additions and corrections should be noted for these pages

Andrew Ashley Reavis "Will was written Feb 1841 and recorded
May 1841, so he died between Feb-May 1841!

       Secondly his occupation should read
       Occupation:  school teacher..wrote a math book
       Occupation  in 1816 with a quill pen, several hundred pages



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