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Contributions from Jim Reavis

Information like these contributed by Jim is what makes these pages grow!!

Jim Reavis

Ever wonder what these people look like that contribute all this great information?

This is Jim in 1980, he was a California Highway Patrolman!

Chief Joseph

Joseph Met the White Men Half-Way

1400 Mile Retreat

Return to the Valley

Chief Joseph Worked Hard to Avoid Conflicts

Chief Joseph's Last Visit

Indians:  The First Residents of  Wallowa County

Old Chief Joseph


An Incident In The Career Of The Celebrated Chief Joseph

Chief Joseph:  Want But Little Here Below, But Want That Bad

County  Pages

Early History of Wallowa County* (in progress)

The Little Chieftain Newspaper - July 2, 1925 (now back on line)

* We are working hard to improve the quality of these pages.  For now the Early History of Wallowa County is not online.

People Around the County

Jay Dobbins McFetridge Family Death of Peter Medesker
Glenn P. Russell Dr. Seely's New Offices Wallowa Lake Monster
.A. C. Smith Mr. Sullivan's Death .Shaw's Variety
Fish Screen Joseph Bank Robbery Flu Epidemic in the County
First School Chieftain Building Ready for the Road
Enterprise Volunteers First County Court Action Kooch Century Farm
Haying on Alder Slope Balloon Ride  

Family Connections

Jim Reavis' Family Tree Rollin Baker Biography
Early County Road Conflict Laura Melissa Cartier
Descendants of Andrew Ashley Reavis Reavis Family Line and Letter
Anna Reavis Rollin Maurice Baker Jr.
Reavis Name Memorial Day 1919
A. C. Smith Biography August Cartier and Harriet Ellen Payne
Emmerson Reavis  
Lorinda Margaret Garner - Osborne - Baker - Sullivan
A. C. Smith and the early conflicts in road building in the county
Articles of Incorporation
(Grande Ronde and Willowa Wagon Road and Bridge Company)


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