This portion of the Veterans section is transcribed from the first Roll of Honor until the end of the war. I included it because it graphically shows the ebb of men from the county gradually speeding up in the number of men taken for the war effort. Being a mother of boys, I can imagine how the women felt. We know how the story ended for each and every one of them by the wars end. These mothers and wives could only wait and pray that they would come back.

This is a tribute to the men who went and those left behind to carry on.

Roll Call - August 22, 1918

Roll Call - August 29, 1918

Nineteen Men Join the Colors August 27 and 28.

Nineteen men have been notified to entrain for Fort McDowell, Calif. and Camp Lewis. The first six men as follows go to Fort McDowell on the 27th:

John F. Farrell, Lostine.
Leonard M. Dunkin, Joseph.
Chauncey N. Dale, Enterprise.
Frank W. Brown, Zumwalt.
Art E. Standley, Lostine.
Ernest Quinn, Joseph.

To Camp Lewis on the 28th:
Elbert Marks, Joseph.
Chas. A. Bass, Joseph.
Geo. J. Darr, Lewis.
Wm. G. Collins, Powwatka.
Earl S. Fort, Buttes.
Roy N. Wilson, Paradise.
Alexander B. Davis, Seattle.
Alvin J. Cornelison, Enterprise.
Chas. Smoot, Enterprise.
Harvey E. Murphey, Promise.
Leonard H. Harris, Lostine.
Samuel E. McMasters, Joseph.
Ralph Roland Wise, Wallowa

Wallowa County Reporter
Thursday August 22, 1918

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Will Leave On Wednesday, Sept. 4, For Camp Lewis and Fort McDowell

Next Wednesday, September 4, will see 34 more Wallowa county men leave for army camps to go into training to carry Old Glory to victory overseas. Their departure will nearly exhaust the county's list of class one men, which has been made unusually large in this community. The bulk of the men will go to Camp Lewis with a few for Fort McDowell to fill in vacancies caused by the rejection of three on account of physical disabilities.

Fifteen of the men called are taken from the registrants of June 5, 1918. On the list, these are those beginning with Richard W. Bird and continuing on to the end.

The 34 called are:
Harry Raymond Gibson, Joseph
Ike Thompson, Wallowa
John Ray Poague, Joseph
Austin Leonard Scriber, Enterprise
Ernest Earl Hulse, Imnaha
Roy K. Tippett, Enterprise
James W. Lewis, Lostine
Cecil Ernest Moody, Enterprise
Basil Clifton Terry, Rogersburg, Washington
James Young, Portland
Roy C. McCully, Joseph
Governor P. Holmes, Flora
Gottfied J. Carlson, Zumwalt
Ueleous Poulson, Powwatka
Oscar Frederick E. Gustafson, Zummwalt
Oscar Van Lampkins, Paradise
Nelson Leonard Wood, Powwatka
Jay Perkins Templeton, Wallowa
Dallas Sturm, Paradise
Richard William Bird, Joseph
Ehrman Bland Beck, Enterprse
Clarence Wisdom, Imnaha
Frank Edward Fisher, Wallowa
Harold E. Edgmand, Chico
Verner Lawrence Moore, Bartlett
Howard Collins, Wallowa
Gale Shelton Johnson, Flora
Francis Brayton Davis, Troy
Archie Reginald Glassy, Wallowa
Charles Robert Goebel, Wallowa
William McKinley Downing, Wallowa
Ermete Colombart, Vincent
James Wallace Monteith, Wallowa
Harry Edward Coleman< Wallowa.

Enterprise Record Chieftain
Thursday, August 29, 1918

Local Board Ready To List This County's Part of Greater Army

In preparation for the great registration, which is to complete the listing for army service of all men in the nation between the ages of 18 and 45, the local board last night appointed registrars for every precinct in the county. The voting precinct is the registration unit. Every man within the age limits prescribed must appear before the registrar of his precinct and enter his name and assist in the making out of a card.

The date of the registration has not been announced officially, because last night no world had been received of the passage of the bill by congress. It has gone thru each house, but had not come out in identical form, and had been sent to conference for adjustment of trivial differences.

However, Senator Chamberlain, chairman of the senate military affairs committee said early this week that registration day would be Saturday, September 7. This day, then in all likelihood will be selected by the army officers as soon as the bill becomes a law.

In the nation it is expected that 13,000,000 men will register on the appointed day. That means about 1300 for Wallowa county.

Questionnaires will be sent to each man immediately after registration, and the same process of sifting out those eligible for military service will be employed as last year, following the first large registration. Those without exemptions will be called for physical examination, and a large new class one will be created. Thus the army will be swelled to the size necessary to make certain the victory.

The registrars for the county are:
Joseph No. 1 - F.F. McCully
Joseph No. 2 - A.W. Schaupp
Joseph No. 3 - A.M. Runells
Joseph No. 4 - I.E. Caviness
Enterprise No. 1 - F.A. Reavis
Enterprise No. 2 - W.E. Savage
Enterprise No. 3 - G.M. Gaily
Enterprise No. 4 - L.E. Jordan
Enterprise No. 5 - H. Lee Carlton
Lostine - Edgar Marvin
Lostine - R.V. Goodman
Evans - Roy Haun
Wallowa No. 1 - E.A. Searle
Wallowa No. 2 - H.K. O'Brien
Wallowa No. 3 - E.T. Campton
Wallowa No. 4 - C.T. McDaniel
Smith Mountain - Gus C. Marohn, (Geo. Palmer Lumber Camp No. 6.)
Minam- S.C. Goff
Powwatka - Ben McGinnis
Promise - W.B. Hescock
Grouse - L.R. Silver
Lost Prairie - Geo. M. Cannon
Flora - A.L. Gosch
Paradise - G.M. Hendrickson
Mud Creek - S.B. Warnock
Swamp Creek - J.P. Averil
Pine Creek - E.H. Hinton
Butte - Fred A. Harsin
O.K. Gulch - Robert F. Smith
Imnaha - H.B. Maxwell
Park - Frank Shevlin
Divide - S.A. Blevans
Prairie Creek - Bert Sprague
Pittsburg- Mike Thomason
Leap - Chris Johnson

Register 16 men of 21 Years

The registration last Saturday, of men who had become 21 years of age since June 5 of this year, put 16 additional names on the county's army selective draft list. These men undoubtedly will be called to service in a short time, as the June registrants are already being taken into the army. Questionnaires have been sent to all of the August class and some young men, anxious to get into the fray, have returned their papers already. The new registrants follow:
John William Nelson, Wallowa
Leslie Howard Davies, Troy
Donald Frederick Cole, Enterprise
William Alexander Warnock, Imnaha
Elmer V. Corneilson, Enterprise
Earl Bales, Enterprise
James B. Foster, Joseph
Thomas Beecher Trump, Joseph
James J. Patterson, Enterprise
Guy Frederick Murril, Flora
Fred Trump, Promise
Edward E. Stephens, Wallowa
Elmer Bennett, Promise
John Brent Finley, Wallowa
Pho Dimor, Vincent
Benjamin Franklin Welch, Lostine

Enterprise Record Chieftain
Thursday, August 29, 1918

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